10 Must-Have Features For Ecommerce Website

There are certain features in every Ecommerce website should have. In order to stay relevant and competitive in the market, you need to follow trends. But, trends don’t guarantee a boost in conversion always.

Here are 10 must-have features to catch online shoppers through an Ecommerce Website.

1. User-Friendly Ux/UI Design

For any designing aspect, simplicity should be a goal. For a well-designed website, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot. As a matter of fact, studies show that 76% of consumers say the most important feature of a website is the ease of use and design.

The main objective is to help shoppers to find what they are looking for. If the shoppers get into the unnecessary complex while purchasing the product they might not buy it.

Because online sellers don’t have much time. That’s why it is important to improve the user experience for the customers.

2. A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile devices have become a significant part of online shopping. In the long run, eCommerce websites that are not optimized for mobile are going to suffer. To have a mobile-friendly experience ranges back a few years and shoppers view eCommerce websites with poor mobile experiences as inconvenient relics.

Some interesting statistics to look into for a Mobile Friendly Website-

-125 million U.S consumers own smartphones.

– 50 million U.S consumers own tablets.

-In the last 6 months period, 62% of smartphone users purchased something online. (This means 77.5 million purchases made from a mobile device!)

-One out of every three online purchases is done on a smartphone.

Source: Statista

3. A Clear Set of Policies

Make your Website content easy to read, use big fonts. Write Boldly and Display your policies and make them part of your marketing proposition.
Here are a few common policies that you can include in your Ecommerce website :

  • Do you offer a 100% money-back guarantee? 
  • What’s your return policy? 15-day, 30-day, 90-day, or no return policy?
  • Do you have an exchange policy? What products qualify?
  • Do you have different shipping options? Like, same or next day, 2nd-day delivery or Air plan deliver?
  • How much do you charge for shipping/delivery? The reason behind abandon cart is the high delivery charge. So, you need to mention the delivery charges properly.

4. Special Offers

Most eCommerce sites use special/discount offers in their marketing planning via email, social, text, etc.

When shoppers realize they’re getting a special/discount deal, it motivates them to buy more and more. Customers tend to spend more on the sites looking for their desired products.

so, creating a landing page for the special discounted product will boost up the sales. A user-friendly landing/webpage that lists the offers will not only drive more sales but also improve SEO of Ecommerce Website. Think like a shopper and search for the desired products.

5. Live Chat Options

Live chats are getting popular day by day. When people visit any websites, they might have queries. But there are some people who don’t want to call the customer care number. Because it is time-consuming. That’s why the Live chat option is very vital. If the customer needs any answer they can get it now.

Here are a few reasons why Live chat is a good Ecommerce Website Feature.
– Instant reply- Through Live chat, you are able to reply to the customers quickly.
– Its convenient- Live chats are convenient you don’t have to provide a lot of information there.

6. High-Quality Photos

You can’t just buy seeing a single photo. Just think about it! Online shoppers will definitely, want to see more photos or videos and bullet points about the products.
Sometimes, Vendors provide high-quality photos and videos throughout their site and product pages. High-quality photos and videos not only showcase a product but also triggers customers to buy the product.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) page is a must for any Website design policy. A FAQ is a great way to provide your customers with the answers they are looking for and keeps them grounded.
The best way to build a Frequently Asked Questions page is to compile all the questions that come to your mind or you get in the social media queries. Try to actively ask your colleagues or get help from customer care agents as they interact with customers directly. This helps to establish credibility for the Brand.

8. User Reviews

Having User reviews on the website increases the credibility of the new shoppers. The new customers will see this and make a decision which will eventually end up in a good way. Around, 86% of new shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. And, you can assume, that a review plays a great role in it.

9. Page Speed

Who likes a slow and sloppy website? Website page speed is also another important factor for the Ecommerce Website. Make sure your website loads less than 5 seconds. If it takes much more than 5-8 seconds, consult with your web developer or take Website Development Service from renowned companies. Ecommerce Website slow page speed may lead to low user engagement and conversions. Customers might leave your website if it doesn’t load fast.

10. Search Bar

Ohh, You just cannot ignore this feature for any website and especially for Ecommerce Website. A search bar is a must for your website. It helps your visitors to get the information they are looking for. So, make the search bar more visible and the product description must be accurate or easy searchable products.


So, in the end let’s just say that the e-commerce website must be and should be user-friendly. with the User-Friendly website you are not been able to catch the customers. There are lot of Competitions out there. Always look at what your competitors are doing and adopt as per the trends.

A well-Designed Ecommerce Website should have features like better UI/UX, CTA, Payment Gateway, live chat Option, Easy Search Bar, Proper Navigation option, and more. If you want to develop an eCommerce Website then hire a good Ecommerce web developer or agency to do it for you. Keep your website up-to-date in order to keep your customers engaged.

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