10 things to do before Developing Your Website

First time developing your website? We’ve brought this beginner’s guide together to tell you what it takes …

It takes time, patience, fashionable practice … oh, and plenty of planning to get to grips with something completely new.

10 things to do before developing your website

With hundreds of newbies starting a site with us every week and knowing how some of you may feel (stressed, daunted, lost, even clueless?) before developing your website with ADN Digital, we’ve pulled together our top 10 things. Read on for ease of web building!

Here are 10 things to do before developing your website-

1. Set the goal of your Website

Is your website aimed at informing people that your company exists and encouraging them to contact? Is it online selling your products? Or how will you present your creative work? You and your visitors will be helped by a clear focus.

2. More research, research, and research

Have a look at your other websites. Identify those you like and take notes – what’s the layout and design that works?

3. Know your target market

Make sure you clarify this early because it affects your theme, design, content, usability, networking efforts, and search engine optimization (we will come later). In short, it’s all about your target market.

4. Choose your domain name wisely

Choose something short, easy to remember and reflects your site’s nature. Changing it at a later date is not easy, so now’s the time to get it right. Of course, if your website is for your company, it makes sense to incorporate it into your domain name.

5. Decide on design and layout

Once you’ve done your research, hopefully, you’ll already have an idea of the design style you want. Try to create a mood board from your favorite sites with screen grabs. Try to draw a couple of drawings for the layout to see how your ideas come together on a page.

6. Plan and create your pages and content

What is it that you want to tell visitors? What’s going to get them excited about your work and keep them on your site? How many pages do you need to create to do this effectively? Don’t rush in with long, rambling paragraphs. Keep your copy relevant and concise to hold your visitors’ attention.

7. Get knowledge of SEO

Optimizing the search engine will play a major role in attracting people to your website. In addition to incorporating keywords or search terms that your audience is likely to enter in Google.

You must provide the search engines with a brief explanation of what these visitors will find when they arrive. Google Adwords is, meanwhile, a great tool for researching keywords in your field.

8. Prepare your images

Prepare and line up the images you want to use. When it comes to pulling or developing your website pages together, it will save you a lot of time. But remember to optimize the images before uploading them to the website. Otherwise, your website will be heavy and slow.

9. Develop your logo

With your own logo, your brand can be recognized, so how do you create it? If you want to keep it simple and only use the logo on developing your website, our software is quite flexible and allows you to create a simple logo to explore the available fonts.

If you’re looking to take it up a notch, you can try your hand at professional software such as Adobe Illustrator. And if you’re feeling flush, you could, of course, hire a professional design agency to do it for you.

10. Specify a deadline

If you don’t manage your time properly, web design may take years. Set yourself daily or weekly targets for certain areas of your site so you won’t get bogged down doing too much at once (and avoid the dreaded pain of the neck and shoulder that can give you too long sitting in front of the screen!)

So, there you have it. If you’re building a website, let us know how you get on. And if you have any tips on developing your website then add to ours, do share below!

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