4 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Web Developer

A website has now become the most powerful tool to promote your business globally. If you want to create a successful, SEO and user-friendly business website, you need to choose the right Web Developer.

Whom do you need a web designer or a web developer?

Once you plan to build a website for your business, the first question you should ask yourself is whom do I actually need, a web designer or a website developer?

The answer is absolutely a website developer. Because, a web designer focuses more on the design whereas, a website developer optimizes your website in various aspects including search engine optimization.

So to make your business website more result-focused you definitely need a web developer rather than a designer. Of course, a good web developer is also a good website designer.

Important tips for choosing the right web developer

1. Nothing speaks than a good portfolio
When you are searching for a good website developer, the first and foremost thing to be considered is the portfolio. A portfolio can speak about the knowledge and the experience the developer acquired over the years. So definitely look for it.

2. Know your budget and get quotes from different web developers
Once you plan your business website, calculate how much you are ready to spend for it. Remember, the pennies you spend for your website design and development are surely going to be worth. At the same time, there are few developers who are ready to take up your project for a really low budget. They actually download the free web templates from the web and customize the colors and the content and give it back to you. Absolutely this website is not going to work. You cannot compete with your competitors as the readily downloaded templates are not optimized for best results.

3. Website optimization for better search engine ranking
A good web developer with a handful of experience knows the better way of tweaking your website to give better results in search engines. There are few factors to be considered while designing a website in order to bring out better results through search engines. Tweaking the websites while building them is like choosing the fastest mode of transport to reach your destination. The better it is built, the more results you get through search engines. Remember it is easy and effective to attract new customers through search engines, then manually promoting the website and driving traffic.

4. Know your website’s statistics
Google analytics is a free tool offered by Google, to keep track of your website’s performance. Your web developer obviously will set you an account, if not you can ask him to do so. You can get a variety of information from Google analytics. Information like new visitors over returning visitors, the geographical locations, etc are some the valuable information which allows you to keep track of the performance and optimize better.