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5 Effective Ways to Minimize Custom Software Development Costs

5 Effective Ways to Minimize Custom Software Development Costs

Once you think about reducing costs for Software Development, the very first idea that may pop up in your mind is the “Do-it-yourself” strategy, but attributable to software development, it is unattainable. A modern company that does not use the software is hard to imagine.

So the need to develop and maintain software only becomes cuter and cuter. Therefore, the costs do not remain on the ground level, they rise and skyrocket until they can replace the overall profit of the company if we talk about a newly established small company or company that is experiencing difficult times.

5 effective ways to reduce custom software development costs

A recent article in Harvard Business Review showed that one in six IT projects has a 200 percent cost overrun. It sounds like an industry that likes failure. So, “how can we reduce the cost of developing custom software?” would you do that yourself? 😉 Just kidding! This objective is inaccessible when it comes to software. And it’s unimaginable to think that without software a modern business can survive.

As a result, it costs a skyrocket and could eventually even shift the overall profit of the company, especially for a start-up and a new small company. Then, can you even develop custom software without losing all your money? Can we save software development and maintenance costs? That’s it! Definitely.

So what can be a good solution for the company that needs a high-quality software product but has to tighten its belts at the same time? Here are 5 simple but useful effective ways to minimize custom software development which can help the cost-oriented company invest smartly in software development.  Keeping up with the requirements of customers for constant innovation in design and functional software features.

Here are some tips on Software Development-

Document your requirements

Words can be easily misinterpreted or forgotten, make sure the developers of the software understand what you want. Create a document that will write or graphically put all your requirements and wishes and add it to the documentary files if something new comes to mind during the software development process.

Fill it with as many details as you can in order to avoid any conjecture that may lead to the need for rework later.

Using Agile Software Development

Agile Approach is another clever thing that’s good for cost reduction. It means stakeholder cooperation at all stages of software development from start to finish. Upon completion of each stage, the developers will show the product to the customer and improve the product based on revisions and feedback from the customer.

The changes are made in such a way throughout the entire process and thus the risk of rework is reduced to zero.

Be aware that many companies are using traditional software development “Waterfall Approach.” It means that when it is already developed, the software product will be shown to the customer, and very often these products do not meet the expectations of the customer.

Such “WA” products, therefore, require complete rework and it increases the life-cycle of software development and thus increases costs.

Involve the QA team at the start

The “mantra for software testing” says you should start testing early in the life cycle of software development. During the requirement or design phase, errors or bugs often begin to accumulate and eventually spread.

The involvement of QA in the initial phase identifies many problems before development and avoids sub-optimal application quality, mid-project redesign costs and even red flags for release.

The involvement of QA from the outset also leads to potential problems and conflicts and questions any functionality that may not have crossed the mind of the customer or the offshore software developing the vendor.

Eliminate the so-called “nice-to-haves” features

Sure, when you buy a gadget and use no more than 40-50 percent of its functions, you are well acquainted with the situation. The same can be true for a software product that has lots of unnecessary functional features that increase development and maintenance costs significantly, but that’s something you’ll never use.

Think of the most viable features to possess and forget about the rest of your software. It will dramatically reduce the cost of developing your software.

Turn to Outsource

Outsourcing is a good step to take if custom software development costs need to be reduced. 3rd parties can supply high-quality products and there are reasonably low prices. However, outsourcing is not necessarily a prerequisite for success.

You should pay particular attention to selecting a reliable and prompt company to fulfill the required tasks. Remember that the cheapest price can turn into the delivery of poor quality products, so choose a software development company carefully.

Test Your New Software Development Agency

There are lots and lots of software developers claiming that in virtually no time they will build a premium quality software product. It turns out, however, that they fail to live up to their promises. And you’re looking for another developer of software and that will definitely exceed your budget.

A good tip here is to give a five-day task to your new software development team and see how they are going to handle it. Test your new team and your final software development costs will be reduced. It would be better if you were to try to find a company that already has experience in building the type of software you need. They will be better and faster able to fulfill the task.

I just briefly selected a few hacks that will help you effectively outsource projects for software development at a much lower cost without giving up on quality.

In summary, software development can be more affordable than most people realize if there is a proper basis for the application and a very clear idea in mind. If you want to do customized software development from an experienced company, you can consider ADN Digital.

If you believe that custom software would help your company operate more efficiently, call ADN Digital at +880 1777-770506. We have extensive experience in custom software development and can help you through the process and desired goal.

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