5 Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Website

What is the core target for an E-Commerce platform? Of course, the answer will be: Direct online sales

Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Website

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools that drive direct sales, in terms of effective reach as well as the cost of it all. So if you own e-commerce, going to own e-commerce or just in general super interested in it, you have landed on the right blog.
Regular periodic emails as well as automated emails triggered by certain actions, both will help you engage the customer intensely.
Here are 5 Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Website:

1. Segmentation for Email List:

First of all, you have to make a plan for email marketing according to your list. That’s why you need to sort it out with proper segmentation.
There are many ways to segment your audience – it can be based on the actions that customers have so far taken on your site, by personal characteristics, or stated preferences.
Some examples include:

  • First-time visitors
  • Repeat visitors with no orders
  • Repeat visitors with one order
  • Customers with multiple orders
  • Cart abandoners
  • Customers who have been with you for years
  • Dormant customers
  • Male/female
  • Age group

Segmentation for Email List
Your email list can be the most powerful tool in your armory; but only if you segment it so that you are targeting the right people with the right offers and keep it up-to-date. In short, segmentation = relevance. Knowing your customers well and segmenting your database accordingly is what separates winners from losers in e-commerce email marketing.

2. Super Attractive Creative:

Email Marketing tip for Ecommerce Website
You must follow some basic things to increase your email marketing efficiency. Attractive image/ creative can be a magical thing which could lead you to success for your business. Use the best creative that stands for your brand. So make a template of key visual and try to change it in every two or three months as visitors will not be bored easily. A welcome email will also portray your business type as this will make the first impression for your business. You can also send a series of welcome email and make sure the content must be well written.

3. Create a ‘welcome’ email series for new subscribers

welcome email
Don’t you love to get a warm welcome in every possible way? Of course ‘yes’. But this is true that we may get annoyed easily by the welcome email tab from a random website while visiting for the first time. However, if the visitor does sign-up for newsletter or any lead magnet such as an eBook etc., the visitor for sure would be expecting a welcome email. It is often said that the entire image and brand perception of a company is built during the first email sent out. Thus action and trigger-based email with appropriate content must be set for the best outcome. Also, nowadays it’s more of a hygiene factor as a handsome amount of website viewers love to get an email from their favorite websites. This could be news, regular updates, new blogs etc.

4. Up-sell and Cross-sell through your email

Up-sell and Cross-sell through your email
Existing customers are considered to be the most loyal customers. So you should use almost every email to existing customers to upsell or to cross-sell products. This basically means you could pitch other related products to your existing email list. You may also offer them a bigger package if they are already your existing customers.  Retaining and nurturing an existing lead is often more profitable than acquiring new leads.

5. Always Remind them about ‘Wishlists/ Add to cart items’

Wishlists Add to cart items
Follow up is another hygiene factor for E-Commerce brands. So that the potential customers will always be in touch as they might buy your product in the near future. So design your email campaign according to this. People who added product on the wishlists must be notified often after.
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