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5 Actionable Growth Hacks for Startups

Do you want to learn 6 Actionable Growth Hacks for Startups companies implemented numerous hacks for startups to take their companies/startups to the new horizon of success?

Here are some Growth Hacks for Startups

#growthhack1: Use exit-intent popups to build a mailing list

Exit-intend popup identifies when a reader is attempting to go away from your page and automatically display a last-minute offer or different forms of discounts/promos.

The motive of Exit-intent popup is to capitalize on your viewer’s interest in your service or product and have an effect on him to freely submit his e-mail information.

The exit-intend popup is a high-quality tool for lead generation and may increase conversions. And, the conversion and sales is a dream of every startup companies or growth hacks for startups.

Key takeaway: Use an out-of-the-box copy, that attracts visitor’s attention.

#growthhack2: Learn about your competitors

keeping an eye fixed in your competitor is an important part of running a successful startup.

Do you want to realize what your competitors are doing now?

here are 3 tools you may use to spy on them:

SpyFu – A key-word research tool which provides insights into their maximum worthwhile key phrases

Ghostry – A Chrome extension that reads any social media they have got working inside the background

BuzzSumo – A website that will help you uncover your competitors’ content strategy

#growthhack3: Provide a freemium

Having a free version of your product with confined capabilities, known as the freemium model, can be a high-quality effective manner to develop your prospect base.

it really works for platforms such as Mailchimp, Canva, etc. The free model of your product facilitates customers to moist their appetite for more and bring greater users with word-of-mouth advertising on their own.

Key takeaway: spend enough time to make sure your product solves your clients’ pain factors and is clearly precious to them.

#growthhack4: Out of the box offers

one of the fastest ways to look a spike in income and traffic is by creating creative or offering especially there is a chance for growth hacks for startups.
if your product/service is the solution on your customer’s hassle, build your offerings by going the extra mile. here are a few examples:

Risk reversal: Free trial or money-back guarantee

Bonus: add something extra

Add urgency: Restrict the time of your offer

Key takeaway: Keep your customers’ wishes in mind whilst creating your offer.

#growthhack5: Partner-up

Samsung and Dropbox have been companions considering the fact since 2011. In 2014 they teamed up again to offer new Samsung devices with pre-mounted Dropbox capabilities and additional free 50GB for 2 years.

Key takeaway: Lookup for companions that can be applied in your core customers and offer them cost.

#growthhack6: User-Generated content

Testimonials, evaluations, and feedback from extremely satisfied customers are some of the most powerful conversion drivers.

Why is UGC advertising so effective?

Because consumers consider online reviews as much as private hints and it’s one of the simplest methods to construct trust and gain social evidence on social media.

Apple’s #ShotOnIphone marketing campaign was a user-generated content marketing campaign at the core of Apple’s advertising strategy. This campaign is actually supplying Apple’s Instagram account their customers’ UGC. without saying “Look, how first-rate we are”, Apple is showcasing its customers’ photographing abilities and creativity and chance for growth hacks for startups.

Key takeaway: Recognize your customers’ creativity.

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