Website Development: 7 Reasons Why Design Is Important For Your

A lot of people consider website development as a one-time cost. So once website development is complete they consider the work’s done. But, new technology is constantly being innovated what’s new today becomes outdated tomorrow. So you have to regularly upgrade your website.

Maybe, you are one of those who realized early on that website is going to be a major platform for business growth. So you developed one for your business. But was the website development done properly?

Are you still using the same website that you have developed 5 or 6 years ago? Is your website is performing poorly than before? If yes, then it’s high time for you to redesign it. Like these, there are other reasons for you to upgrade your website.

These are the 7 Reasons Why Website Development Important to Redesign Your Website;

1. Poor Navigation

Poor Navigation
Whenever we have talked about website development we have talked about the importance of proper navigation. Your website’s navigation system is the guide for your visitors. It tells your visitors where they are and helps them to go where they need to be.

But if your website’s navigation system is poor, it gets in the way of user experience rather than helping it. And a bad user experience can lead to website abandonment by visitors.

Abandonment doesn’t mean the visitors will leave the website for now and come back later. It means they may not return ever again if the experience is that bad.

So if your website’s navigation system is not updated and you keep losing your visitors, it’s time for you to redesign the website.

2. Not Responsive

Not Responsive
We are in a time where everyone is trying to do everything on the go. Visiting a website is not an exception. But it’s given that website visits will be through mobile phones. Now a day a website gets 70%-80% of its visitors from mobile phones. So it is very important for a website to be responsive to the mobiles.

A responsive website adjusts itself to different screen sizes. That means it adjusts itself according to desktop, mobile and tablet screens. But if it’s not responsive it fails to adjust according to the mobile and tablet screens. That leads to a bad user experience.

Because of these visitors may leave your website and most of them may not even try to find out how it looks on desktop. So you won’t have any option to change their opinion.

So if the responsive design was not part of your website development you should really be concerned about it.  Maybe you are losing a lot of your potential business prospects because of this.

They tried to visit your website through mobile rather than desktop and had a bad experience. So it has become a must to redesign the website as soon as possible.

3. High Bounce Rate

high bounce rate
If you do not know what website bounce rate means, then let me inform you first. If a visitor leaves your website after visiting a single page, then this visitor is considered bounced. So the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who bounced.

That means the lower the bounce rate on your website is better. A high bounce rate means the visitors are losing interest in your website. After visiting your home page or any other single page they lose interest to dive deep. There can be several reasons for it, maybe the website design is poor, bad navigation, poor content, etc.

Will the visitors stay on your website or not depends on the look and feel of the website and its functionality? If the bounce rate of your website is increasing day by day, then you should immediately redesign the website to improve it.

4. Outdated Content

Outdated Content
Visitors coming to your site and finds out there is nothing new. What do they do? They leave because there’s nothing new to see. So yes outdated old contents are one of the reasons why your website is not performing well. Along with fast-growing technology, everything is moving forward pretty fast.

So what is new today becomes old tomorrow. If your website doesn’t change with this flow and update its content, it becomes boring and useless for your visitors. They fail to find any relevance to it.

Also if your product prices are not updated or your contact is still the old one you may also lose precious customers. Maybe they are trying to call you but doing it on the old contact information that is still on it.

So you if you are losing visitors because of your old website content, it’s high time for you to work on your website again.

5. Slow Loading Times

Slow Loading Times
Loading time should be one thing that we do not need to talk about. Nobody likes to wait for the website to load when they are visiting any.

Slow loading time is one of the major reasons why visitors leave immediately without even reaching the site. Your website may fully be responsive with proper content and high-quality design but what for?

Because of a slow loading time maybe most of your potential visitors and customers are not even reaching it. Even if they reach your website they cannot move around freely either.

Because whenever they are trying to go to another page they are facing the same problem. So the user experience becomes poor. And as we have said before, poor user experience means visitors lose, maybe permanently.

That means you should check your website’s loading time immediately. If the loading time is slow then redesigning the website is a must for you.

6. Poor Conversion Rate

Poor Conversion Rate

Every website, be it a corporate or be it an E-commerce, should have a way to drive conversion. It can be a purchase, sign up, or make a query. Your website development plan should be done in a way where you also get an option to convert your visitors.

If your website does have a way to convert visitors, the conversion rate should be consistent. But if the conversion rate of your website is poor then you should be concerned about it.

The cause of poor conversion can be any of the above-mentioned reasons or it can be something else. The conversion rate is directly related to your business. So poor conversion means you are losing business. That means you should immediately redesign your website.

7. No organic traffic

No organic traffic

As your marketing tool, your website should have a good portion of organic traffic. If it’s not getting much of organic traffic, then it’s a major concern. The main reason can be a lack of optimization.

But there can be other website development-related problems that can prevent your website from showing up in search results.

So you should immediately check your website and find out what is the cause. If it’s optimization then work it, but if it’s a website related than you should consider redesigning the website.

A website is a major tool for both marketing and sales. If properly used it can make a huge difference for your business. But it needs to be maintained. If your website is not closely looked after it may fail to live up to the expectation.

We have talked about 7 reasons here but there can be a lot more other reasons for your website to perform poorly. So for whatever reason, you are redesigning your website for you should take help from a professional website development agency.

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