7 Benefits of Combining SMS And Email Marketing Together

[:en]Marketing is all about integration. It generates better results when integrated with other marketing channels than when a single platform is used. SMS and email marketing is an excellent illustration of this idea.
Email marketing has become a specialized niche. Relevant email content strengthens your relationship with your customers. Interestingly, 47% of email messages are opened on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones every day.
SMS Marketing Complements Email Marketing - SMS and emailOn the other hand, Text messages have a 98% open rate. While there each method provides unique benefits, they share a few things in common that will help you create cohesive and high-performing marketing campaigns.

What happens When We Mix SMS and Email Marketing Together 

The previously mentioned research from various media shows that texting is the number one channel for notifications among Millennials, followed closely by email. Interestingly the social media channels lagged, coming in lower even than postal mail. In my opinion, this close correlation between SMS and email marketing is being increasingly reflected across most age demographics, making them ideal for exploitation by integration.
SMS Marketing Complements Email Marketing - SMS and EmailHere are a few ways integration can work to the benefit of the overall marketing strategy-

  1. Cross-Pollination- Existing email databases are an ideal source of contacts to start out with Email Campaign. As an Email Marketing campaign begins to mature it will be able to feed additional clients into the email mailing list.
  2. Personalized SMS- Using existing data and segmentation from the email database allows for more effective personalization and targeting of SMS, powering text campaigns from the outset.
  3. Reviving lost contact- People often change email addresses and can easily be lost as an email contact. Text messaging is a simple way to maintain contact, obtain new email details, and in the process, keep the email database up to date.
  4. Timely reminders- SMS and email both can be used as a follow up to promotional emails, adding last minute discounts and deals to prompt a return to the original email content.
  5. Include all media- SMS opt-in opportunities can be included across all brand media including websites, emails, and in-store to encourage text sign-ups and grow the SMS client list.
  6. Improved email content- The discipline of writing concise content for SMS campaigns can be used to inform email content, making for more focused and specific email campaigns.
  7. Improved metrics- Insights gained from SMS campaigns can be used to inform email marketing strategies (and vice versa).

SMS Marketing Complements Email Marketing - SMS and EmailSMS and Email marketing have differing strengths and weaknesses, but when combined can complement each other effectively to strengthen communications and have a positive impact on marketing strategies. If you are still concentrating on one and neglecting the other, it’s high time you started to integrate SMS and Email both for your organization.
As the online marketing field is emerging, marketers can no longer only rely on one strategy. Innovative combinations that will result in marketing communication that has a big impact.
So, what has your experience been? Do you think SMS and email marketing can work together effectively? I would love to hear your thoughts.[:]

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