Best Hosting Service For Small Business

If you are a small business owner or planning to start a new website or upgrading your existing website you definitely need a best hosting service. You also know that there are hundreds of web hosting service companies providing hosting service you need to find the best one which really can serve you better.

These dozens of companies provide different types of services but you need to find the best hosting service for you. When you in search of the best one some question arises, will be shared hosting well for you? Do you need dedicated hosting? Do you have knowledge of WordPress hosting? What’s the difference between all the available hosting services?

Let’s break it down, starting with how the shared, VPS, dedicated hosting other services compare. Also, discuss which service may work for you and which companies are the best at providing their services.


Types of Web Hosting
There is some important difference between the different types of web hosting, so it’s very important to understand the types of web hosting for your target. Choosing the best hosting service depends on your business types. Let’s discuss the basics of web hosting available.

Best Hosting Service For Small Business


Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is less expensive and popular type. It’s just as it sounds like. In this service, you share a server with other businesses provided by the hosting companies. This can be good for you if you don’t have much experience in development and less traffic coming to your website. You will be charged for the package you have purchased but the disk space and bandwidth will be shared with other business owners. Shared hosting is not good for the growing eCommerce website but it’s good to start to grow your online presence.


Managed WordPress hosting
This package designed especially for WordPress website. It’s much faster than shared web hosting packages more secure and offers better uptime. This can be restricted for the users who have highly customized their WordPress websites because some plugins are not supported. And some particular case this package will be more expensive.


Dedicated Hosting Server
In this package, you don’t share your disk space as well as the bandwidth. You can host many websites here as your requirement where you are the only owner and you can customize as you want. Dedicated Hosting Server is designed especially for the websites with heavy traffic or expect heavy traffic load near future. Only negative of this service, it’s more expensive than shared hosting.


VPS Hosting
Some web hosting has a hybrid opting called VPS or Virtual Private Server which is the mixer of a dedicated and shared hosting server. The main benefit of this service is that it is significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting with the same disk space and bandwidth. But it more expensive than shared hosting service and if your website traffic doesn’t increase you may be spending your money unnecessarily. Some web hosting company doesn’t allocate server resources to do deep research to find the best hosting service for you.

Cloud Hosting
This service is similar to VPS hosting. This service provides increased hard disk spaces, speed, RAM and power compared with shared and dedicated hosting service. As you can customize as your requirements the biggest benefit of this hosting is that if one of your servers crashed, it can be replaced easily. It’s very popular for eCommerce website which needs better uptime and speed also added the benefit of a strong safeguard against DDoS attack.


With all this keep in mind, you can easily choose the best hosting service for your present also the future business.