How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Companies in Bangladesh


How to choose the right web hosting companies in Bangladesh? How do we decide which web hosting service is good? Which type of hosting service should you go with your organization? These are some common question that you get faced every alternative day.

Let me give you some insights and guides on how to choose the right web hosting Companies in Bangladesh.

Let me share some checkpoints which you help you choose the web hosting companies more easily-

  • Knowing your hosting needs monthly/yearly
  • Check server reliability
  • Hosting upgrade options
  • Signup prices vs renewal prices
  • Refund policy

1. Knowing Your Hosting Needs

If you don’t know your hosting need then you will never get the right web host. So before choosing the right web hosting companies or service you need to think about the following things- What kind of website are you building?

  • Do you want something common for a WordPress blog?
  • Do you need something for Windows applications?
  • Do you need support for a specific script?
  • Does your website require special software?
  • How big (or small) can your web traffic can extend?

KNOWING YOUR HOSTING NEEDS - andservesrThese are some basic questions you need to answer for yourself before choosing the web hosting companies in Bangladesh.

Predefine what you need in detail then plan according to it. Don’t plan for a month or two month, plan roughly for 12 months.

If you are currently running a large business server or carrying out a lot of eCommerce activities, then a VPS or dedicated server might be needed. Because eCommerce companies need a dedicated server for carrying out the business. Each choice has its own features that predefine the price.

2. Server Reliability

There is nothing more important than having a 24/7 web hosting service. Your website visitor may come from any part of the world to visit your website. You need a web hosting service that is stable in terms of their service and network connections.

Server Reliability - adnservers

3. Server Upgrading Options

Shared web hosts are pretty common these days. Through rough estimation, a shared hosting account should be sufficient to support a properly optimized WordPress blog with 30,000 to 40,000 monthly unique visitors. Database connections usually work your server harder and the more people you have connecting to your website at the same time, the more it will suffer performance-wise.

Server Upgrading Options - adnservers

On a shared hosting account, things should be fine as long as you manage to limit your concurrent database connections below 20 (this is why I said it’s always best to start with shared hosting if you are new).

5. Signup vs Renewal Price

Checking out the Hosting deals, especially for shared hosting. Finding out the cheap web hosting provider site in the marketing. These advertisements are very catchy but when you go for renewal the price, you got to pay for an insane amount of money. So, you need to be aware though that these offers. Often these offer comes with a much higher renewal price, so be careful before clicking ‘buy’ on that package that is offering you a sign-up price at 50% discount!

This is an industry norm.

Signup vs Renewal Price - adnservers

Unless you try two or three web hosting service, you really can’t decide which web hosting service to take.

Types of Web Hosting Services

When you are choosing a hosting plan think about the cost-effectiveness. Don’t purchase the cheap light hosting plan. Here are some types of hosting company in Bangladesh that will help you to take the decision which web hosting services to choose.

  1. Shared hosting- Shared hosting is perfect for entry-level website hosting. This is where your website will be stored as the same server as multiple other websites. In shared hosting, all domains will share the same server resources. Costs of this type of hosting will be comparatively low. This type of website hosting plan is best suitable for small businesses, individuals who have their own blogs.
  2. VPS (virtual private server)- A VPS hosting service means a dedicated server. But it is within a shared hosting environment. This types of hosting are for the website’s owner who has heavy traffic and the site performance needs to be very high.
  3. Dedicated server hosting- Dedicated server hosting costs more than any other hosting option. Dedicated to the high traffic that needs high control levels and a better performing server. But to install the dedicated server hosting program you need a high level of technical expertise.

Signup vs Renewal Price - adnservers

Choosing a hosting plan can be complex, especially when you start looking at all of the additional services that some company offers. To avoid this complex task you need to first decide the type of hosting you require. That’s why we have come with this article to help you make the decision.

If this is your first time purchasing any web hosting package then it’s better to take the shared is the best web hosting service option.  Because it’s the most cost-effective option and it gives you more professional than a free or trial web hosting package.

Once you’ve decided on the type of hosting which fulfills your needs. Then you are good to go for looking for the best web hosting service companies in Bangladesh. There are all sorts of options, but you need to choose the right one who will guide you.

Finally, you need to list down some companies and go with your instinct. One way you can determine which one you prefer is to give each a bit of a trial run. Installing the hosting might require a small investment of money and time, but it’s the best way to see whether web hosting companies are there for all of your queries.

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