Reseller Hosting – A Brighter Future Awaits

Reseller Hosting

As most of you will likely already know, reselling is when you take someone else’s product and sell it as your own. By avoiding expensive development and running costs you can make money by reselling someone else’s products. Reseller hosting is much the same only you’re selling web hosting from a provider such as ADN Servers as your own.

Reseller hosting is a decent way to make an extra income if you’re a web designer, developer, an agency or even if you do something completely different. You can ‘white label’ your resold hosting and add your own branding or just include hosting as part of the price for development or web design.

Considering to be a Reseller Hosting Provider?

You are probably thinking about becoming a web hosting reseller already. In fact, Reselling hosting, like any business enterprise, involves some dedication and good old-fashioned gumption. But, the advantages are worth considering the hassle. For instance, if you consider ADN Servers to purchase reseller hosting, you will avail benefits like,

  • Free tech support
  • Ready Infrastructure
  • Organized & Tested tools

Now, let’s think for a bit.

Assume you are not taking your reseller hosting dealership from ADN Servers. What to consider from an in-general hosting provider? Let’s talk about that and take the features of ADN Servers for comparison purposes.

Reseller HostingOptimized and Advanced Infrastructure

You don’t need to worry about purchasing hardware, storing it in a data center, or staffing system administrators to monitor it 24 hours a day.

Rather, by simply purchasing a reseller hosting plan, you get all the benefits of our expert systems team monitoring your server and making sure that resources are always available to you and your customers.

Domain Registry

Your reseller hosting account has to register domain names as a sub-reseller. This means your customers can go through you in order to satisfy all of their domain needs.

Now, think.

Isn’t it amazing?

You are already fulfilling the basic criteria to become a successful hosting provider.

Free of Cost Tech Support

Never compromise about getting tech support 24/7. Look around rigorously and consider the best hosting service provider that is always available to answer any questions you may have or help you out with getting your account launched.

And you can choose the contact style that works best for you: phone, chat, or email. And with 24/7 availability, support should be there whenever you need them.

Reseller HostingRegular maintenance

The parent web host should be able to look after timely hardware setup, server maintenance, pushing software updates and implementing security measures efficiently. To ensure 24×7 operating servers, your upstream hosting provider also needs to ensure DDOS mitigation services, custom Firewall configuration, etc. with multiple redundancies.

Uptime guarantees

Reliability is key in any web host. That is even truer if you are reselling services to other businesses. Select a web host that can guarantee a minimum of 99.9% uptime or close to it. There really is no need to settle for less. That means your clients should rarely if ever, see downtime and should rarely if ever, be on the phone demanding support!

Now that you understand what is reseller hosting, as long as you choose a competent web host, such as ADN Servers, which fully caters for all your needs, it should only take a few hours to set up your master account and packages, brand them and have everything ready to go. All you then need to do is get the word out.

Call at 01777770504 for your reseller hosting dealership.

Happy hosting.

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