WordPress VS Magento: Who Wins the Battle?

Are you still confused about the selection of a Website platform for your business? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with that between WordPress VS Magento. You may follow the blog to choose your desired platform.

 I have tried to make a comparison between WordPress vs Magento. Here is a statistical comparison that may help you to make your decision.

According to wappalyzer report, the total market share of the eCommerce platforms like WordPress VS Magento:

  • WooCommerce is leading with around 47.3%Magento with 13.1% comes second

Keep your eyes on the following points that can help you to make the final decision:

  1. Installation Process & Difficulties:

WordPress is very easy, user-friendly, and offers a wide range of features.

Other than that, the installation process of Magento is a little difficult compared to WordPress.

If you are a beginner, then Magento will be difficult for you to manage or install. So I would suggest you take Magento. Magento focuses only on e-commerce features. But Magento is perfect for a strong e-commerce website.

  1. Security Issue:

Magento has very high and robust security which is preferable for E-commerce site.

On the other hand, WordPress has very less security that makes hackers to hack the websites easily which are built using WordPress.

  1. Language Barrier:

WordPress VS Magento

Magento is written in the PHP language and uses Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques to create e-commerce websites.

WordPress is an online and open-source website creation tool written in PHP language.

  1. Plugins Option:

Magento does not facilitate much default features.

On the other hand, There are free WordPress plugins (more than 38000) available in the Plugin directory and also premium plugins which are paid service.


I may write the summary now.

From my point of view, WordPress plugin and allows its user to sell anything and take full toll of its open-source benefits in WordPress. It provides the best easy to use options for its users. User-friendliness is probably the unique entities of this powerful WordPress E-commerce plugin.

On the other hand, Magento is one of the uniquely designed platforms mostly based on user needs. The application mainly consists of two plans Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The community plan is open source and free to download and the enterprise plan is loaded with advanced features with mostly premium services. The application suites best for the development professionals of e-stores with high aspirations. So What’s Your Opinion Right Now? Don’t forget to leave your comment below!

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