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Why bulk SMS in Bangladesh is a rapidly growing popular channel?

Why bulk SMS in Bangladesh is a rapidly growing popular channel?


Bulk SMS, it reminds me of the Hulk. As the Hulk is an ultimate green monster who smashes his way out from everything and get noticed by everyone, similarly Bulk SMS in Bangladesh is the Hulk of the digital channel in terms of cost-effective marketing.

SMS marketing is a service for mess targeted audience with a specified message. Firm, individuals, government, NGOs’ anyone who is interested to maintain an informative & interactive communication with customers, bulk SMS is an excellent choice. In the beginning, I have compared bulk SMS with the Hulk. I know some of you are laughing at me for that, trust me, in the end, you will agree with me.

Before getting on any justification, let’s take a look at bulk SMS. SMS marketing is an application to person SMS distribution system with the getaway. Bulk can send a million numbers of SMS to a million different individuals at the same time. Mechanics of bulk SMS: An API or Application programming interface send SMS to a getaway via HTTP/HTTPS protocols to an SMSC or Short Message Service Centre of a mobile network operator, SMSC make a delivery to the recipient.

The average opening rate for SMS is 94% globally. SMS get seen within first 3 minutes. Just imagine you can reach out to 147 million people within 3 minutes and you can track your viewers actively.

166.8 million total population of Bangladesh. Which is 2.18% of the world’s population. 147 million people in the whole country have a mobile phone. Which is 88.13% of the entire population. As a developing country that is an impressive number of the mobile phone user. Just think about it. There is no such medium which has 88% coverage in Bangladesh. Tv ad, print media, radio has its numbers but they are not as huge as bulk SMS in Bangladesh. Another factor is Tv ad, print, radio is far more expensive than SMS marketing in Bangladesh.

Okay now come to the part where I justify my big mouth. Since we understand the potential market of SMS marketing in Bangladesh, we can a cost model for SMS marketing in Bangladesh. An SMS generally costs 1 take or less. When it comes to SMS marketing in Bangladesh it is cheap as almost free. I am not kidding, a single SMS marketing in Bangladesh cost 40 paise to 90 paise depending on its nature. Compare this with Tv ad or print media ad cost. Oh! Man doesn’t it feel free. In terms of audience coverage, you are reaching out to 147 million potential customers which are difficult for another medium. Now judge me for calling bulk SMS in Bangladesh the Hulk. Doesn’t it look like Hulk now?

Some popular use of bulk SMS in Bangladesh:

• Mass promotional activities
• Send notifications
• Alert & Reminder
• Pin code verifications
• Password confirmations
• News & Newsletters
• Transaction confirmation

Some popular users of bulk SMS in Bangladesh:

• Banks
• Hospital
• Educational Institutes
• Consumer brands
• Airlines
• Media outlets
• E-commerce websites
• Ride-sharing applications
• Government
• Political parties

A potential advantage of bulk SMS in Bangladesh:

• Audience availability: Due to heavy user rate it is evidential a large number of potential customers are available for SMS marketing in Bangladesh.
• Low cost: Bulk SMS in Bangladesh is a low-cost medium for promoting product and promotion.
• High turnover probability: Bulk SMS in Bangladesh has a high turn offer rate due to 80% mobile phone users in the country.
• Customization: One of the amazing features of bulk SMS in Bangladesh is customization. A customer can change his/her sender ID according to his/her choice.
• ROI: Return on investment is a major factor when it comes to choosing SMS marketing in Bangladesh as a desired marketing channel.
• Multilingual: 147 million exposure but not all of them are comfortable with English. So, Bengali is an option for promoting product and services through bulk SMS in Bangladesh.

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How to choose a bulk SMS service in Bangladesh:

There are a number of companies present in the market to offer you their services. But all of theme are not right for you. Since they all provide SMS marketing in Bangladesh it is important to identify your need. If you blindly select one, you might be wind up with an unsatisfied & unwanted service. “When you know what do you need?” chances are it might be far more than useful to you.

So, let’s take a look at what information do we need when it comes to choosing bulk SMS in Bangladesh:

• Reliability: A reliable service can help you to progress towards your goal. As we are choosing bulk SMS in Bangladesh maximum uptime is a prime factor. ADNsms is a reliable SMS marketing provider in Bangladesh.

• Gateway: A gateway is a vital part when it comes to select a bulk SMS in Bangladesh. If your provider doesn’t have ample gateway chances are your SMS will not be delivered. An unsuccessful delivery might cost you monetarily or non-monetarily. The important thing is you have to bear that cost.

• User simplicity: A simple user-friendly easy to use application interface is another vital point to examine. If your interface is complex to operate or too messy to look at chances are your productivity will get a negative effect.

• Measurability: If your provider does not have measurability, the problem is it will be difficult for you to track your campaign success and cost calculation.

• Price: Pricing of SMS is another concern. To high price might affect your return on investment, simultaneously excessively low pricey might lack of service.

• Encryption: Unencrypted SMS portal has a risk of being hacked. When it comes to financial data encryption is not a luxury, it is a necessity. ADNsms has a 256bit encryption for their bulk SMS.

• Customer service: Customer service is important. Problem-solving, answering quarry, virtual assistant, 24/7 availability, friendliness this attribute makes a customer care service truly helpful.


Bulk SMS in Bangladesh has a generic advantage over another medium. It will help a business to stay relevant in this modern time through its interactive nature. It will increase a brand awareness as well as. Customers will always fell personally appreciated. Most importantly rather than spending a chunk of money for a general advertisement, it is far more efficient spending few amounts of money for a targeted specific add. In the end, I am calling bulk SMS in Bangladesh as the Hulk again(I think, there no need to justify my Hulk claim again).


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