Bulk SMS marketing: 6 tips to write interesting messages

[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SMS marketing is one of the most effective and popular marketing media for business. Bulk SMS marketing is the new trend of SMS marketing and gaining a lot of popularity in different business sector especially eCommerce. There is some notable reason why bulk SMS marketing being so popular. They are:

  • No need to create ads
  • Take a short time to launch
  • Affordable for all types of business even small businesses
  • Trustworthy for smartphone users
  • Easy to handle and measure the result

Most of our targeted customers are never without their phones. A large number of the population using phones and that make bulk SMS marketing so interactive and communicative with them. As per stats, the success ratio of SMS marketing is very well.

Bulk SMS Marketing success rate

There are some key factors which help to measure the success rate of bulk SMS marketing. They are:

  • 20%-30% customers open their messages instantly
  • 47% customers who open the link make a buy
  • Promotional messages have a 98% open rate
  • Mobile phone users increasing day by day now it’s 6 billion
  • 90% of mobile users read messages within 3 second

Bulk SMS marketing can be the most powerful marketing tool if the businesses utilize it properly. The best way to attract people is to write the text in the proper way. Below there are some tips on how to write interesting messages and start the SMS marketing campaign properly and attract customers.

6 tips to write interesting messages to attract customers

6 tips to write interesting messages to attract customers
1. Build and target your SMS customer list:
To get the expected marketing results you must have to know who your target customers. The customers you send the promotional text and why they need your services. This is very important because each and every text messages should be client based.
You need to make a customers list that should be your present, past, and future customers. You must have the detail of your targeted customers so that you can configure the messages for them the list should include also the data related to buying history and locations.
2. Try to give some value to your customers:
Never waste the time of your customers instead always offer them some value. Every message you send to your customers it takes some time to read them so try to give some value that helps them. People really feel bad when SMS focus on the wrong client and offering little value.
Using SMS keywords is very important and you can add values to send them SMS like ‘send OFFERS to 124571XXX’ to receive discount coupons from your nearest shopping stores. It’s one of the best ways to grow your opt-in list of customers.
3. Try using personalization:
It’s a very important part of bulk SMS marketing. You need to use personalized customers name like “Adam” instead of “client” because it’s more effective for the campaign. It’s important because when you use their name your customers feel good as the messages come from a good friend.
To ensure conversion, your SMS campaign needs to be well organized into individual customer groups. Details like age, gender, location, and past purchases all those information help you to plan the next campaign.
4. Choose the right timing:

For SMS campaign time plays a very important role. The open and read ratio depends on the timing when you shoot the campaign. Finding the best time rake experimentation and going through some trial campaign.
Weekends are extraordinary to send the text because clients have all the free time. Never send SMS too early and too late of the day.
5. Use call to action (CTA):

Using a call to action message on your text is best practice for SMS campaign. There’s a difference between the CTA button for email and SMS CTA. On email message, we use CTA button like “Read more” “Call us” “Sign up here”, but for SMS text we can use links shorten with “bit.ly” “Goog.gl” so that customers can click and go through the website.
6. Know when your customers respond:

You need to find the right timing to send SMS to your customers to get some response. It’s very important to give your customers enough time to take the action. It will be helpful using a bulk SMS marketing software with schedule a campaign.
On a final note, you have to understand the outcomes of your campaign based on your past campaign. Those are the basics of bulk SMS marketing by doing this you can get more conversion.
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