Dedicated Server Hosting: Benefits of Dedicated Server

If you have your own website or online business you have heard the term “dedicated server hosting” but What is the dedicated server hosting? What are the benefits of a dedicated server hosting? Let’s take a look at the dedicated server hosting service which would benefit from using this type of service than the regular shared hosting service.

Dedicated Server Hosting

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server hosting service is one that offers you the benefits of dedicated server hosting. In a shared hosting server, you are one of the thousands of other user but in a dedicated server, you are the owner. You will get the server for your own use and of course, you need to pay for this. The dedicated server hosting is not for beginners.

If you have a large volume of traffic, a large online business, popular blogs, shared hosting is not good for you. Dedicated server hosting services are the most reliable of the others and you don’t need to share your server with anyone. It’s very secure and you have complete control over your server.

In a dedicated server hosting, you just leas a server for your own use also you can choose your own operating system, hardware and more. In managed web hosting service you get the cPanle to run your website. Unmanaged dedicated hosting services are usually used by highly professionals and database administrators. There are some more factors involved in server management.

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Server management:

Managed VPS and shared hosting services are easy to use and you can simply set up your website or blog. This type of service is targeted at people who have little knowledge of server technology. You can also get a fully managed dedicated server for the people who have the vast knowledge of web servers with large blogs and websites.

The terms ‘managed’ and ‘unmanaged’ is defined differently by different providers.

The hosting server can be fully managed to fully unmanaged. Prices will be changed as your requirements. There is four management level you can buy your dedicated server hosting.

Fully Unmanaged:

You can deal with upgrades, maintenance, security, and everything else with this level. This type of service cost less because the service providers can manage the administration, security, customer services, and so on. You can save money by doing all yourself. This level is only for experts.

Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting:

As the name says you can control the basic management by the provider like the basic server maintenance and monitoring. The customer can install their preferred security system and operating system. Support will not be provided by the provider in this level but you can manage other IT stuffs.

Managed Dedicated Hosting:

In this level, the provider will manage the higher level of maintenance and monitoring. The greater degree of server management and updating provided and a small amount of support.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting:

This level is similar to shared and VPS hosting service where the customer has their own server. This is the most costly service for your website only for experts.

Security of Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated server hosting is far more secure than shared hosting server. You have on other users on your dedicated storage. In dedicated server hosting, you can add your own security system, firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware system and DDoS protection system. Your web hosting can be as secure as you want to be, and the best part is there is no restriction.

Shared hosting is the best for the beginners but when you begin to suffer downtime, slow download and upload speed, storage, and bandwidth its time to go to dedicated server hosting.

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