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Digital Marketing And Its Push-pull Type

Digital Marketing And Its Push-pull Type

Digital marketing, in its simplest form is the advertising of brands through all digital media, which includes television, radio, the Internet and even now, mobile phones. The most important feature of digital marketing is the time aspect. Digital media means that the speed in which advertisers can reach their target audience becomes so much quicker than methods such as print marketing.

A fundamental part of this marketing is the use of the Internet, however, it does not stop there. Any way in which advertising takes place using consumers’ phones, such as text messaging, is also included in this marketing. Even outdoor digital banners constitute digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing takes on two forms, called push and pull techniques. Pull marketing technologies means that the consumer has to use tools such as search engines to pull the content. If the content is good, then this can be an effective marketing tool. However, if the content is not of high quality or is difficult for the consumer to get to, it can be less effective.

Push digital marketing

This marketing type involves the marketer sending, or pushing, the message to the consumer. This can be done through various forms of marketing channels such as email, SMS and RSS. It differs from pull marketing because the promotion is being given to the consumer rather than the consumer finding it themselves. This means the marketing message gets to the consumer quicker and timings on when the consumer receives the message can be controlled.

Pull digital marketing

Other aspects of this include the methods of digital marketing that fall into this push-pull categories. There are a number of different methods including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, opt-in lists, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. There are a number of other methods that can be used and companies should be aware of all of them in order to choose the most suitable methods for their product or service and their target audience.

If a company is a selling a product where their target audience is teenagers, they could find it effective to advertise on social media platforms as many teenagers are users of these. It would not be effective to advertise a product, where adults are the main target audience, on a website designed for children or teenagers. This marketing media is so vast with so many opportunities, that a Digital marketing strategy can be very successful if carried out effectively.

It has a huge area of a company’s overall marketing strategy. There is plenty of information on the Internet about digital marketing, many specialists in the field and a number of training courses to get up to speed with every aspect of it. For many companies to succeed, they need to have a digital marketing strategy. This is true of small and large companies. Digital marketing offers a great opportunity to promote business and improve sales.

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