Digital Marketing Case Study of Lakeshore Gulshan


Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan


Hotel/Restaurant (B2C)


Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan is a leading Luxurious Business Boutique Hotel in Bangladesh. Their rooms and suites offer plush bedding and ergonomic workspaces, flat-screen TV and 24-hour room service. A lot of restaurant and hangout places are there out in the city. Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan wanted to set their image as an affordable luxury place to hang out.


Lack of brand recall value/TOMA, which ultimately effects footfall on hotel premises.


Increasing brand recall by increasing interaction on social media


Drive 1.5 Million traffic to their Facebook page in a month

Raise awareness of brand throughout the city

Attract new sales leads through relevant content

Change focus from “shouting” at customers to “listening, engaging and inspiring”


Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan partnered with ADN Digital to create an integrated social media plan that focused on leading the creation of an online community, developing outstanding content and using social media channels to drive new sales leads through their social media.

The company began with research to find out where customers were receiving their information, their participation in the social web, information needs and the current “state of the conversation” for the Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan brand. Key discoveries included that there were a lot of online communities for their industry. But, the mention of their brand was rare. Despite the fact that their historical customer base information was not used for the remarketing, ADN Digital saw an opportunity to seize the lead and increase the effectivity of the digital marketing program.

For the month of July, ADN Digital wanted to reach the maximum number of people who can remember the posts and offers of Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan. In this regard, for each of the 8 posts planned for a month, we ran a different “Ad Recall Lift” campaign. That way, we helped Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan to reach the maximum number of potential client by spending the most limited budget ever.


> Conducted research to determine customer information needs and keyword themes.

> Developed a quarterly content plan based on themes established from research and feedback from top management of Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan. The content was leveraged and re-purposed in various ways across all the social media sites.

> Promoted original content through a variety of social media channels



Total budget spent with all running campaign till date is $200


28+ Lac of Total impressions, with $0.00007 Cost per Impression

18.5+ Lac of Targeted users reached, with $0.0001 Cost per Reach

5 Thousand interaction in a month, with $0.01 Cost Per Result

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