5 Benefits of Email Marketing to Automate your E commerce Business


Email marketing automation is basically a process that uses a system, usually a software to manages and automates your emailing system.

What it exactly does is automated emails based on your needs. In many cases, it can automate your social media posts as well. This system can offer you cross-sells and upsells based on a shopper’s activity. Now, what can it do for your e-commerce business? You can automate your entire customer journey via email marketing. You can get more customers. It can also regulate the abandoned carts to complete the journey.

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What is Email Automation?

Email automation is set up for email campaign. It helps us to send either based on a trigger or an elapsed period of time. Basically you would set up an email and that would automatically go out to your customers. Though it can go so much further than simple welcome emails.

A marketing automation tool is a piece of software that allows you to automate a lot of the functions that marketers are used to doing manually: sending emails, scoring and nurturing leads, posting to social media – and much more. You can also personalize them based on data you have related to your customers, their campaign behaviour, and shopping behaviour. This ensures that you’re sending the right message at the right time every time, without lifting a finger. This is the biggest benefit of email automation. But there are even some more benefits to use the automated email workflows.

Basic of Ecommerce Business Automation

In e-commerce business, email marketing automation’s benefits include reduced staff costs, improved accountability, and many more. Let me tell you what would you need to start it.

  • A database: you’re going to be triggering activities depending on what your contacts do, so you need all of that data captured and stored.
  • A way to orchestrate actions: simply put, ‘workflows’. This is the core of what we mean by ‘automation’.
  • A way to report: this is where this tool becomes most effective. A clear picture is what it needs to offer you. You’ll need to be able to see whether or not you’re getting it right.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

These are the major 5 reasons to start your automated emails:

  1. Automated emails help you significantly increase revenue. Their conversion rate is 5 to 10 times higher than promotional newsletters. In fact, we have found that abandoned cart email automation workflows on special events’ boosted a rate of 37.69%. And the overall purchase rate of 2.13%. Considering that 7 out of every 10 carts are abandoned, gaining over 2% of those lost sales is astronomically good.
  2. Automated emails are always easily accessible and relevant to your customers. This means you won’t be blasting messages to your customers without a reason, they will be contextual at the right time.
  3. Automated emails don’t change usual newsletters, they complement them. Email automation helps you create a consistent brand communication. Not all of your emails should be promotional. Think of sending a “Thank you” email after a purchase or a “Birthday” email, etc. All of these kinds of Email marketing can be automated and sent even while you are away or busy with something else.
  4. Marketing automation always saves your time. You only set up emails once, and the software will do the rest.
  5. You don’t stay behind your competitors. Nearly 82% of companies rely on email automation. So you really should use it or you are missing it out.

SMS Marketing Complements Email Marketing - SMS with Email

Want to Increase Customer Engagement in your business?

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool, particularly for B2C e-commerce marketers that have to create a highly personalized experience for hundreds of thousands of customers a month. E-commerce marketing automation software can be tracked end-to-end ROI for all of your marketing efforts in a single platform.

What Email Marketing Can Do for Your E-commerce Business:

  • Integration with your CRM, manage multiple email campaigns and shopping cart tool
  • Nurture people who have been to your website and shown interest in your products
  • Capture recent and relevant data from online to gather good quality leads.
  • Categorize website traffic based on visitor’s activity of your Ecommerce site
  • Target specific demographics based on email interaction
  • Integrate sales and marketing efforts
  • Developing a list of prospect profiles and identify the best leads

SMS Marketing Complements Email Marketing - SMS and emailHow Ecommerce marketing automation tool can be used in your Business?

Tricks, basically the magnet why we all are here for,


It triggers email subscribers.

Growing your email list as per category is very essential to market your web store effectively and so it should be invested properly. An appealing graphic newsletter should always welcome a newly registered web store customer. A discount code can be offered for future purchases or present your new products.


It triggers abandoned shopping carts conversion.

The basic idea is to send a reminder notification and make it attractive for those customers who abandon their shopping cart. The first message should be sent right after the abandonment when the memory trace is still fresh.


It triggers clicks, browsing history, and positive experience.

Has the customer opened the newsletter and looked at the specifications of a certain product or a certain product category? If yes, then you can speed up the sales process with targeted content. When a particular product is out of stock and can’t be ordered, an automatic reminder can be sent when the desired product is back in stock.


It triggers multiple sales.

This is based on purchase history include user tips, instructions and recommendations for additional services. For example, if the customer buys shoes. Use e-commerce marketing automation to recommend compatible products. For example, a shoe. A typical time interval for shoes is 6-12 months and after this time you can recommend new shoes to replace the old ones.


It increases customers loyalty.

Send an email to thank your customers a couple of weeks after they’ve purchased something. Ecommerce Marketing Automation is very valuable when it is combined with product reviews. A product’s review can be boosted by offering the customer a promising a discount with the next order.

You see these are the ways you can make the best out of email marketing automation for e-commerce business. Send us your queries on the comment section. ADN Email is here for your queries. Thank you.


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