Know More About Email Server Types

Do we all familiar with Email Server? Probably ‘NO’. We need to gain a basic knowledge about what is Email server, what the types, why this server is needed, how will you use it & so on…

For the basic reader, we should start with the definition of Email Server.

Do you familiar with your mailman? Mail server is the technical term of a mailman. That means every email needs a pathway to serve the mail to the recipient. Mail server is the bridge of this communication. Mail server allows you to access more. Without mail servers, you won’t able to send emails to people whose email address domains don’t match your own domain (Example: you could only send messages from one account to another account).


Number One: Web-Based

Guess what is the most familiar email server? Of course web-based Email server. Web-based email server allows you to log into the email server through the use of an Internet browser to send and receive mail. This is really easy to use service as you can check your email anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Number Two: IMAP Email

Have you heard of the storage room? Then you can relate Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) with the storage room. This email server leads you to make seen your messages anyhow to your client. It will haunt you forever unless you see the Email.
The beauty of IMAP is that it allows you to modify Email according to your wish! That means it provides the preview, delete and organize option before you transfer them from the email server to your customers’ computers.

Number Three: POP3 Email

Internet service providers (ISP) are the used to with this type of email server.
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) provides ISP users’ with email accounts along with Internet service. There is one unique feature is included which allows that the messages will be retrieved from the server, transferred to the user’s computer. Not only that but also it allows to delete off the server to make space for more upcoming Emails.
POP3 server also absorbs incoming email messages on a remote server until a user opens an email client software to check her mail.

Number Four: SMTP Email

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), This kind of server is a multi-tasker! This server works alongside other mail servers such as POP3 or IMAP which monitors the email that users send out from email clients.

You have got an idea about Email server. Now you need to know about How Email Clients are Handled.
You have to find out a way of receiving and transmitting emails, which means you need to set up your own mail servers.
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Thank you for reading the blog! Now you are well aware of Email server (as I can assume). Don’t worry!

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