Google Ads: Size Does Matter!

What is Google Ads? If you have clicked on this article it is obvious that you are aware of Google Ads. In laymans terms it is essentially Banner Ads on the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is a network of digital assets who have allowed Google to show ads on their websites, apps, YouTube videos etc.

Since the scope of these Google ads is so large, if you do not optimize to the fullest, your ads have a chance of getting lost in the bottomless pit of impressions. The first trick is getting the right sized banners for your Display Ads. This article will be a pure guideline for designing the right size banner for Google Ads.

Google Ads Design Specifications

At first, you need to know the actual specification of the Display images:

You can use the Max150 KB size for advertisements.

Here is the list of file types:




Here is the list of famous Google Ads size of Display Banner.
(Width By Height In Pixels):

300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle

336 x 280 – Large Rectangle

728 x 90 – Leaderboard

300 x 600 – Half-Page Ad

320 x 100 – Large Mobile Banner

Famous Banner Ad Sizes For Mobile

(width by height in pixels):

300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle

320 x 100 – Large Mobile Banner

320 x 50 – Mobile Leaderboard

250 x 250 – Square Ad

200 x 200 – Small Square Ad


Let’s Unveil the Full List Of Google Ad Sizes

Square And Rectangle:

200 x 200 – Small square

240 × 400 – Vertical rectangle

250 × 250 – Square

250 × 360 – Triple widescreen

300 × 250 – Inline rectangle

336 × 280 – Large rectangle

580 × 400 – Netboard


120 × 600 – Skyscraper

160 × 600 – Wide skyscraper

300 × 600 – Half-page ad

300 × 1050 – Portrait



468 × 60 – Banner

728 × 90 – Leaderboard

930 × 180 – Top banner

970 × 90 – Large leaderboard

970 × 250 – Billboard

980 × 120 – Panorama



300 × 50 – Mobile banner

320 × 50 – Mobile banner

320 × 100 – Large mobile banner

Bonus Tracks:

Additionally, I will give a few tips on making better Google ads.

Let’s explore the following bonus tracks:

Create “Near Me” Campaign

More than 50% of traffic is from a mobile device, so obviously it will create more customers.

Create a separate campaign for “Near Me” searches.

Click on “Add Location” and then select “Near Me” campaign.

Mobile App Development by Sohoz Market_ top photo

Call to Action

Next, make sure you have a CLEAR call to action. I usually make the CTA look like a button that stands out, encouraging visitors to click it. A simple button that says “Shop Now >>” or “Learn More!” can go a long way.

Images or graphics should also be carefully considered when creating your ads. The big advantage you have over search or text ads is the display or visual aspect.

Clean Image for GDN

You must use a noise-free image for your Google ads. Because people don’t love to see Google ads containing excessive text & visual. So it would be wiser to use less text & elements in the visual. On the other hand, a clean & smart image always grabs a higher percentage of attention to the views.

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