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5 Brilliant Hacks for a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Brilliant Hacks for a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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SMS Marketing is one of the influential tools for the digital marketers to reach their target market. Through SMS Marketing, a company can offer their promotional offers and new updates about their company or services. SMS Marketing Campaign has to turn out to be so popular tools for digital marketing and can bring brilliant results if executed properly. According to, 90% of the worldwide population has mobile phones. Therefore, SMS Marketing could be highly effective in terms of reaching to the customers.

How to Run a Fruitful SMS Marketing Campaign?

To run a successful SMS Marketing campaign, there are certain things you should follow. Among these, this 5 Hacks can highly bring success to your campaigns

1. Short and Call to Action Text

If you put so descriptive information in SMS Marketing campaign, people might not understand the call to action. They may get bored, avoid those messages or even delete those messages. You don’t want that your customers neglect your messages. You are investing a good amount of money in the SMS Marketing Campaign. The best strategy is to put a very short message that will exactly tell the call to action and it serves the interest of the customer.

2. Offer Useful Information

SMS Marketing CampaignContent is the key for SMS Marketing. Proper content drives revenue and does not make you SMS campaign seem annoying to the receiver. In such a case, your message should include the aspects which promote the value of the product you are promoting and thus improves the attractiveness of the communication. Another way is offering someone any free things or promotional offers. If it can also be highlighted that this offer or information is only for some valuable customers like him/her, then the engagement rate may increase. Following through with all of this ensures a good chance that your SMS Marketing campaign will be highly engaging and he/she will be encouraged to share the message with others.

3. Focus on Timing

There is a saying that “Timing is a key to success”. If you can understand the right time to communicate with your target market with your SMS Marketing Campaign, you are more accepted by your target audience. You may not want to send messages after midnight when they will be in sleep or probably so early in the morning. Based on your target market, you have to understand which time they will more likely to interact. Timing differs according to the demography. Therefore, a good demographic research should be done to execute the SMS Marketing campaign successfully.

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4. Provide links

SMS Marketing campaigns objective is not only to deliver promotions or updates but also to develop a long-term sustainable relationship with your audience. It would be excellent if you put your website link, social media pages’ links in an SMS Marketing campaign. If the link is too big, you can use a link shortener like “Bitly” that can keep your text short and nice. Audience prefers short clickable links.

SMS Marketing Campaign

5. Set optimum frequency for your SMS blasts

You may have an objective to generate more engagement with your SMS Marketing campaign; however, this would only be fruitful if the frequency with which the messages are sent is optimized. You have to make your audience feel special with your SMS Marketing campaign so that they would like to engage with you substantially. A healthy frequency should be maintained so that your message stays on a top-of-mind awareness level, while not being annoying. This helps build focus on long-term relationship through appropriate messages.

If someone follows the above hacks perfectly, it is a must that they will achieve outstanding results in their SMS Marketing campaign. They key thing to SMS marketing is to plan strategically with relevant contents.

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