How Dynamic SMS Marketing is Improving the Retail Experience


SMS Marketing for Retail Experience

These days, the retail sector in Bangladesh is an extremely competitive industry. With competition being so fierce, retailers are always looking for ways to build and develop their business and ultimately get ahead of their competition.

Obviously, there are various ways to do this from a retail avenue, new and better products, lower prices, improved delivery options, nicer brand design and improved the faster website. One thing that can help really to stand stronger than other ventures. It is the customer experience, and it can be assured easily by dynamic SMS marketing in Bangladesh

This is something that can really make the difference and have a massive impact on any and every business, is the customer experience. Customer experience really is the hot topic in business this year, as customer expectations have grown and excellent customer service and experience has become more regularly expected to be provided by any business. When you are reaching the customer with customized messages, they feel happy, they feel special. Dynamic SMS Marketing is one of the fastest, convenient and cost-efficient ways to ensure such unbroken customer experience.

The changing retail market landscape

SMS Marketing
As per the Financial Express, for the last era, the story of the Bangladesh retail industry has been nothing less than a revolution shaped and developed by high-quality service provisions, world-class design, and sizeable local and international investment. Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with an average growth rate of over 6.2% for the past decade. It is the 46th largest economy in 2016 (WB) in terms of GDP and 33rd largest economy in terms of PPP, with over 226bn dollar GDP and with only less than a 4.1% unemployment rate in 2016. In this regard, Bangladesh is expressing itself as very promising for both domestic and international markets. To continue this successive journey, improved customer service is highly demanded, which can easily be achieved by automated/dynamic SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing Scopes for Retail Business

Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful ways to market a business, by having a business that really cares about their customers and provides them with excellent customer experience, will make their customers feel special and make them become brand ambassadors, selling and telling everyone about the business.

sms marketingAlternatively with the power of social media today, bad customer experience really can come back to haunt business and tarnish the brand and business.

There are several ways you can improve your customer experience, but the key is, providing information and fast. Keep your customers in the loop, make them feel confident about your business, and never needing, wanting or waiting for information.

Dynamic or Transactional SMS can certainly help with all the above. SMS is the retail sectors best friend when it comes to sending out promotions and sale offers, however, it has become a vital element in many of the major retailer’s artillery for delivering excellent customer service through automated SMS marketing.

Why SMS marketing is the best

Typical automated SMS messages for retailers

Confirmation of an order
A thank you and confirmation of their order puts the customer’s mind at ease immediately and also starts off the customer relationship on the right foot.
Delivery notifications
Keep your customers in the loop with when they can expect their delivery, and even allow them to rearrange the delivery if needed.
Stock updates
Products being out of stock is both annoying for customers and businesses, but allow your customers to receive automated back in stock text messages with a link so they can purchase it quickly and easily.
Renewals or reminders
Some retail businesses have introduced subscription models into their business, automated SMS reminders is a perfect way to communicate info about their account.
There are many ways that SMS marketing can help retailers and their business, if you would like to discuss how it can help your business, please do get in touch. Email us or give us a call at 01777770513. You can reach us as well through our official Facebook Page as well.[:]

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