How to do a successful Email Marketing Campaign by ADN Email (Step by Step instruction)

Does Email Marketing Campaign really work?

This is a fact not commonly known, 86% of business professionals prefer to receive and process business communication via email. Email Marketing opens up a new opportunity in the markets by landing your message directly to the platform your potential clients use for conducting business – emails. Thus, bringing in new customer bases, and help build strong, long-term customer relationships.

Email marketing campaign

ADN Email uses email marketing to deliver engaging and personalized content directly to your existing customer base as well as potential clients. Despite being one of the oldest channels for digital marketing, email has stood the test of time as the best possible way to stay connected with your subscribers or client list. However, the trick is to do it regularly but still not be considered to be spam by the clients. So this requires a fantastic content plan which will not only add value to the receiver but also, over the course of your conversional funnel, convert the subscriber into an actual paid customer.

How do I start an email marketing campaign?

Let’s assume that you have already chosen ADN Email for your business. But the whole process seems complicated to you. Trust me, this tool is as uploading a status on Facebook.
Check out these step by step instruction on how to launch a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Get started with ADN Email:

At first, you have to buy a plan from ADN Email. After completing payment, user id/ client portal’s ID will be given to you. You will then be able to login through the portal.
Since the portal is device responsive, you can log-in through any device – mobile, tablet, desktop – and launch, review and edit campaigns at will.

  1. Explore the panel’s offerings:

Assuming that you have completed the first part, use the user id and password to log-in to the portal.  You will see the Green-white panel, welcome, finally, to ADN Email. Here you are going to find the complete set of tools you would need to run any successful email campaign. From a free drag-and-drop, easy email builder to audience builders to email automation set up.  You can create any scope and scale of email campaigns with absolute ease. Let’s take you through these processes, step-by-step for your easier understanding.
ADN Email1

  1. Upload your email list.

The first step to begin running your email campaign is uploading the list of emails that you have. Usually this email list comes from the emails you collect from your existing or potential clients. Sending targeted email campaigns to your newsletter subscribers collected from your website or social media campaigns is also a widely accepted strategy. To begin uploading the email list click on the ‘LIST’ button on the Menu Bar of the portal.
ADN Email2
Steps to create list:

  • Click on the create list button
  • Fill up the relevant form and click save.
  • After creating the list name you will then come across this tool to upload the audience.

ADN Email3

  • Click on the ‘sample’ to download the template using which you can upload your email list in bulk.
  • After that simply click on (+) and after the file gets selected, click ‘Import’
  • Your email list would appear as below in your ‘List’ section.

ADN Email4

  1. Run your own Email Campaign:

ADN Email5

  • Go to the Campaigns page
  • Select ‘Create campaign’ button
  • Select your campaign type
  • Choose audience from the lists you upload.

ADN Email6

  • Now you have to pick a list for your email marketing

ADN Email7

  • Then you will get a window to fill up necessary information for running your email marketing

ADN Email8

  • Select the best template that suits you most for the specific campaign

(You may add multiple images if you need as the panel supports it)

  • Design your content according to the campaign

ADN Email9

  • You can also customize the template if you want to
  • Press the ‘Save’ button after checking the content properly

ADN Email10

  • Run or Schedule your Emails & press ‘Save & Next’ button

ADN Email11

  • Now you can ‘preview’ it to recheck how the email looks from a desktop/mobile/tablet etc
  • You can also send email as a test campaign to see how it looks and feels like when delivered.
  • Finally, click on send to start your campaign.

AND, you are done! Congratulations, you have launched your first successful email marketing campaign by ADN Email.

Analyzing the insights from email your marketing campaign.

Now, quickly head over to the ‘Dashboard’ to get detailed analytics about your campaign. Monitor them regularly to check what you could do to tweak the campaigns. You can use this valuable insight to create future campaigns that work better. There are specific industry standard KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for email marketing that you must track, to measure the success of your campaigns.
You’ve successfully completed all the steps. Now, just sit back, relax and wait for the cash to keep ringing in.

Bonus tip:

Not only you can send the emails from the but also you will be able to see the results from the campaigns too.
ADN Email12
You will also be able to check the reports of your Email Marketing campaign by clicking the statistics button. You can do future modification by checking the results.
Next time: We teach you the best way to do email automation on ADN Email. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]

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