How to Host a Website – a Complete Guide for Newbies

The world is changing day by day and its time you had a platform of your own where you can share your messages. The best way to do this create or host your own website or blog. If you have a business or products to sell more and show online presence you need a website. So, it’s very important to have a website in our modern online world. Now the question arises “How to host a website?”

It’s very easy to build a website nowadays, technology made things faster. Let me start making a list of what you don’t need to start making a website.

  • Coding skill
  • Paid software for design
  • Past blogging experience

Let’s go to step guide, How to host a website?

What is your purpose

When you are planning to start making a website first you have to find the purpose. Ask yourself why you want to make a website? What is the purpose of the website?

  • Do you want to sell a product?
  • Do you share your personal portfolio or artwork?
  • To share your thoughts or personal experiences?
  • Promote your new business or service?

The purpose is endless but you need to decide first what you want?

Set Goals

Now its time to set some specific goals for your project. Write down some of your website’s purpose and point out a few goals.

Thinks about how much revenue you want to earn, what type of content you publish, what type of people will be your targeted audiences, build your brand etc.

Try to write everything you planning for your website and never be afraid to adjust your goals anytime.

Content Planning

Content is the king and it’s the most important part of your website. You can’t build your website until you know what type of contents you need to publish to make it successful.

  • Start with your website’s menu bar, it’s really important. Create a word file and write down the name you want to put on the menu bar.
  • Do you want to include a blog? The blog page or category will be helpful for search engine optimization(SEO). Blogs will help you to engage with the community also present you as an expert.
  • The about me page is also an important cause almost all the audiences visit this page to know about your website. In this place just put the story of yourself and description of your business.
  • If you want to sell products or services you need to describe the details of the products including images, reviews etc. Think about categories and subcategories of your products so that your customers can find easily.
  • The home page is the face of your website. Make a detail content plan for your home page. Use some eye catchy images, interactive words, call to action, offerings, sign up, newsletter and the other important data you want to show your audiences.

After setting up your website goals and content planning now you need to focus on the most important part to start the website.

  1. Choose the domain name
  2. Pick a web hosting
  3. Choose a CMS
  4. Design your website
  5. Publish your posts
  6. Promote, Write, Repeat

You are about to host your first your own website just follow the steps:

1. Choose the domain name

The first thing to do anyone who wants to start a website to buy a domain. Buy a domain name is so easy. There are a lot of domain extension available like .com .net .org .buzz .blog etc. You can buy any of them as requirements. The best domain extension for any type of website is the .com domain. Try to choose the domain as same as your websites like if you decide to name your blog or website “hoodefoode” your domain name will be

Choose a domain name is just a process to write down your desired name into the [domain search box] until you find the right one. Keep in mind when you choose the best domain:
1. Easy to type and memorable
2. Keep it short and simple
3. Avoid number, letters, and hyperlinks

2. Pick a web hosting

Web hosting is the thing makes your website visible on the web. Without it, you never see your website. Hosting is basically run on a server owned by a web hosting company, and a website takes just a small space on that server. It’s like renting an apartment in a building and you pay for space. If your hosting account goes down your website will disappear from the web. So, it’s very important to choose the [best web hosting service provider] with strong security and uptime guarantee. Just make sure that your blog will be visible to the whole world 24/7.

Step by Step guide how to host a website with ADNSERVERS

1. Go to ADNSERVERS hosting plan
Create an account to continue

2. Choose a plan

Choose a plan as your website requirements, the good practice is to start with the basic plan. You can always upgrade your plan if needed.

3. Choose a CMS

Content management system(CMS) is a modern website building technology where you can manage all of your website content without any programming language. Whenever people talk about Host a website or blog the first name comes “WordPress” because it’s very popular and user-friendly. Statics says there are more than 74 million website owners use WordPress to manage their website. You can choose other CMS’s as well as per requirements like Joomla, Opencart, Shopify, Magento, etc.

4. Design your website

This is the time every website owner waiting because this is the part where the website designed. The time needs to decide how your blog will look to the world. If you choose WordPress as your CMS you can get a lot of free themes with some extra plugins to boost your website’s performance.

A theme is the outer design of a website which is developed by an expert developer. There are hundreds of free themes available and hundreds more for purchase for your choice. Whatever you choose for your website be sure that the design represents your website.

5. Publish your posts

After completing the design or Host a website it’s live for the world. Now you have to create a post some awesome content for your audiences. Just a few steps to follow

  • Post title
  • Post body
  • Add media
  • Add featured image
  • Publish a post

6.Promote, Write, Repeat

Now you are blogging for your business now. Make sure you spread the word the post everywhere you can share. Post this on different social media networks, email to your growing list of newsletter subscribers. Finally, repeat the process.

Hope this will help.