How to Scale Up Your Email Marketing Along with your Business


Let’s talk about email marketing today. First, let’s start with a question. What’s an even bigger tragedy than Ironman dying in Avengers? (sorry, spoilers.)

It’s that most of the small or medium businesses do not have enough budget to run extensive marketing campaigns. This, as you can guess, is a classic catch-22 situation.

If you don’t advertise your offerings, the market would not know what to buy from you and thus would refrain from buying your products. However, if you do not earn enough revenue, you cannot afford the advertising budget. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg. What do you do??

marketing campaign

What you must do is try and figure out cost-effective and efficient ways to market your product. Now, just think about it. Which is the best platform in the modern world used to conduct business? If you have guessed ‘the throne on which Elon Musk sits,’ you are probably right. If you have guessed ‘EMAILS’, you are more right. From Batman in the movie Batman Vs Superman to your colleagues, everyone uses emails to conduct and communicate with regards to business. So, how amazing would it be, if you could land your message right in the email inbox of the right people! Slam. Dunk!

everyone uses emails

Introducing, email marketing. We know that it has been around for much longer than you can remember. However today we want to introduce it in a new light. Email marketing is still one of the marketing channels which produce the highest Return on Investments (ROI).  Have you noticed that Financial institutions like banks, E-Commerce platforms & Telecom operators run Email Marketing campaigns regularly? If it was not effective, such large companies wouldn’t invest so heavily in it.  Can you guess the outcomes of email marketing activities? According to a 2018 study by DMA, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you would stand to gain approximately $32 from it.

So, then does everybody succeed so well with email marketing? The answer obviously is no. The first thing you must maintain is that you must use a good email marketing gateway. ADN Email, being one of the best email marketing service providers in Bangladesh, fulfils this requirement quite easily.

So, how to use ADN Email, or any email marketing service, correctly and effectively?

Follow the steps below to get the best result on Email marketing & thank me later:

1. Don’t spam:


Here’s a question, what is the fastest way to lose potential clients? By making them click ‘Unsubscribe’ on your email marketing campaigns. This happens probably because you are sending emails to unsolicited email addresses. And thus these are considered by your users as spam. So sending spams/ too much promotional emails will only do what the final season of Game of Thrones did to the entire series. It will ruin all your previous good work and ultimately downgrade your business. You must avoid this. How can you then solve the problem? 

You must have a list of emails of your current or potential clients, clients with whom you have been discussing for quite some time. Start your email marketing campaigns using those emails. The next step is to keep building your email lists. An easy way to do is running ‘Lead’ campaigns on Facebook and Google. Both offer the luxury of lead forms which you could use to run cheap campaigns on those platforms using which you could collect emails. You could use content marketing to entice people to leave their email addresses on your site for further information from you. We explain this in details in the next portion of this article.

Furthermore, ADN Email is here to help you avoid spams. ADN Email’s audience list gives you a massive scope to segment, upload and specifically target email lists without restrictions. The panel also gives quick insights on how the lists work for quick analysis. On the other hand, we provide the smartest backend where you can find the outcomes easily. The statistics would help you to make decisions on email marketing. After that, you can calculate if there is any modification is needed or not.

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2. Content: 

You know there is a famous saying in digital marketing circles, ‘CONTENT IS KING.’ However, the correct phrase should be ‘Conversion Funnel is King.’ And content is one of the most important parts in conversion funnels. The content for your email marketing campaign should clearly be divided up into 2 parts (a) Awareness (b) Conversion.

email funnel

For awareness, you must design email marketing campaigns that provide insight into your company or the product that you are offering. Also, for awareness campaigns, you must have content which encourages your readers to click your emails or leave their email addresses on your website. Some fantastic ways to do it, are:

  1. Create a landing page from where audiences can download e-books only after filling up a form with their details.
  2. Write a resourceful blog and then ask readers to leave their email addresses with you to receive similar messages.
  3. Leave an opinion piece about the industry you are in which helps the reader to gain valuable insight on the best ways to use your product.

For conversion campaigns, you can send weekly or fortnightly emails to your clients about any new features, offers or packages you may have introduced. It should be short, succinct and to the point.

Content can make your business viral within a few hours. Make a resourceful blog, e-book, video, opinion piece, anything that you make that doesn’t feel like an ad.

ADN Email has a smart Drag and Drop email builder which helps you design beautiful looking emails without any expert help of coding knowledge. Using the templates given, easily create emails which will help you convert more.

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3. Personalize Emails: 

It’s really nice to see your name mentioned in the Email’s first paragraph. The mentioned name helps to interact with the customers more closely. Even you have a chance to get a reply email by mentioning their name in the email.

If you save names of the email addresses you have, you can upload the entire list in bulk and then simply select a code from the drag and drop builder which is going to include the relevant name before any email body. If you don’t have a name, the first part of the email address before the domain name works too (the part before

Additionally, you have the freedom to select a group of people according to your needs. Even you can make a personalized Email content only for a specific group. Such as Sports lovers will love to get an email regarding sports or famous players. Why don’t you try to follow these tactics for your email marketing?

Use, ADN Emails special features like audience list and drag and drop email builder tools to bring this plan flawlessly to fruition.

ADN Email Blog Pricing Image

4. Automate Your Email connections:

As we have mentioned again and again previously, the key to a working email marketing campaign is the conversion funnel. You can see below a winning conversion funnel used by e-commerce companies worldwide. You can begin exploring with this and keep making changes till it starts to work for you. Or you may start with studying your audience- what’s working for them, what actions they are taking, and then design your conversion funnel perfect for your audience.

conversion funnel

The good news is that the whole Email Marketing process can be designed as an automated platform as your wish. ADN Email will help you to complete the process within your fingertips. You can send users automatic emails if they take certain actions on site (like form fill-up, add to cart form).

Not only that, you have a good chance to send them weekly emails about offers/products and promotions.

Learn more about designing automation campaigns in ADN Email.

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5. Measure your Campaign’s Success Rate:  

For any campaign to work email marketing or otherwise, you must study the data generated extensively from it. For example, ADN Email provides you with an extensive analytics dashboard you can use to check out the open and click rate of individual campaigns. You can also check out the similar performance of your email list. With all your powers combined launch the email marketing campaign Captain Planet would be proud of. Launch the content which works best for people that are interested in you.  Here are the things you could do:

-You must optimize your campaigns for greater open rates and CTR. – Using Google URL Builder to track email campaigns in Google Analytics.

-Use data to optimize content for more conversions.

-You can find out which emails opened your emails using ADN Email and send them special emails to help convert.

Now, all you have left to do sign up with ADN Email and begin the conversion campaign of your dreams.

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