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How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber or Pathao or Shohoz?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber or Pathao or Shohoz?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App Development service Like Uber or Pathao or Shohoz?

What would have been Uber or Pathao Mobile App development cost? Many times, you have thought about this, right? So, we decided to do some research and share an estimated cost to develop an app exactly like Uber, Pathao or Shohoz.

We know that the wave of the on-demand applications is still riding high. This will keep on getting higher because, if there is a demand for mobile app development in the market then so is the supply.

Mobile App Development One of these widely known on-demand app concepts is the Taxi Booking app also known as Ride-Hailing apps. The most famous example of these kinds of mobile apps in Bangladesh is, of course, Uber, Pathao & Shohoz.

In general, the whole concept of the on-demand ride-sharing app is divided into three parts according to the perspective of the Driver, the Passenger, and the Admin. Further, there are different aspects and features of the on-demand taxi/ride-booking app for each of them separately.

What mainly I want to draw your attention to is that why you want to build a mobile app like Uber and not better than Uber? Because there is a wide scope for the on-demand taxi services concept. Then, shouldn’t you be utilizing it for some different platforms other than general cab services?

Various cost factors for building an application like Uber, Pathao or Shohoz ranges from the development phase to the testing phase and much more. Nowadays clients prefer their apps to be built for both Android and iOS platforms instead of opting for just one.

The functionality, as well as the backend, is similar for Android and iOS. But, the frameworks & tools would have to be platform-specific to the mobile app development process.

7 Basic features of passenger app

  • Register/login: email and/or social media login option, accounts, credit cards, payment processing;
  • Booking interface: a screen to enter the address to call a taxi to, select a cab type (or specific driver), set a location for pickup;
  • Tracking: to track driver’s location, to make updates during or after a ride, etc.;
  • Price calculator: to check the estimated cost of a ride from point A to point B with certain cab type even before ordering;
  • Payments: cashless and in-app, paid automatically via credit card, users receive an invoice to phone and email, or just plain cash;
  • Push notifications: to keep users updated on order status, estimated time of taxi arrival, and other details like car model, license plate, etc.;
  • Messaging, ratings & reviews, booking history.

5 Basic features of driver app

  • Register/profile/status: with verification (tax number) and approval by an administrator, plus online status and schedule;
  • Booking: with options to accept or deny the incoming order, info on customer location and destination of a ride visible instantly, plus booking history;
  • Push notifications: for order alerts, taxi booking data (location, payment, route, etc.), for order updates and/or completion;
  • Navigation: e.g. using Google Maps or Google Places to get optimal directions to a customer and to his destination, could be voiced;
  • Cost estimation, reports, messaging, support.

So, summarizing it all up, a single platform on-demand ride-hailing Moble app development services like Uber, Pathao or Shohoz would approximately cost from BDT 5,00,000 to BDT 7,00,000 Taka.

The budget would be around BDT 4,00,000 to BDT 5,00,000 for both Android and iOS platforms each, this price may also increase in case of additional features in the taxi-booking app.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber or Pathao or Shohoz - ADN Digital


Uber’s success was due to several variables to wrap up, including a clear business model and interaction-based characteristics, and not the other way around coupled with a user-focused marketing strategy.

The issue to everyone’s mind is, of course, how can you decrease the general danger of failure by ensuring that your concept and product is feasible when creating an app?

One way is to use a development partner for the Mobile App Development services (such as ADN Digital) who has worked on many of the apps and knows the procedures concerned.

An advantage of using such a partner is that they have worked on many such initiatives in the creation of apps and have practical expertise in product development to prevent pitfalls and make the most of their vision.

Get in touch with us now if you want an accurate cost for your own ride-sharing or any other mobile app development idea.

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  2. Projanmo It

    what a great information. thank’s for sharing

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    Mobile app development companies need to understand this formula you have stated. Even in my research for a blog post of mine, I’ve come through some ideas like these. They are different than yours, but I believe the aim is the same, to provide the right output. I hope to get your opinion on that blog post- Mobile Application Development- Why developing an app is crucial for your business today!

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