Development of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So you have decided to try a mobile marketing strategy. And now that? Sometimes, developing a mobile marketing strategy can be a lot to take into account at the same time the different decisions you will have to make.
To help you with this, we have developed this practical guide to help you develop a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

The first thing we recommend doing is to inform yourself and plan the mobile marketing strategy. During this stage, you will have to:

  • To establish objectives.
  • Maximize opportunities
  • Identify considerations
  • Understand the limitations.

Of course, you can take a series of routes to perform these tasks. However, it is recommended that you incorporate at least some, if not all, of the following things in the mobile marketing strategy development process.
Analyze existing data or statistics
If you are using analysis tools for your web page, you can use that data to get a good idea of who your audience or demographic target is. This information should contain the most common end-user devices, resolutions, and behaviour patterns within the content of your page.
Generally, with this information you can identify the strengths and weaknesses, if you do not have any of this information or you do not have the desired traffic on your page, which usually represents a content problem, this means that the content of your site is not attractive to the public as it has to be.
Mobile Marketing Strategy
You must solve this first, to later concentrate on the creation of content for your mobile marketing strategy. As usual,
Define the objectives of the users
Interacting with current customers can be of great benefit to obtain more information that could help identify additional usage scenarios. This will help you add more value to your content. If you create content without establishing what users are wanting to do when dealing with your company, you’d better prepare for the inevitable failure.
Taking into account the questions, comments and concerns of your current customers and their content will be of great pleasure and value to your users.
Plan mobile content
Once you have reviewed all the existing data and information, then define the objectives of the end-user, to be able to organize the content. You will have to determine if you are going to work with the existing content or if you are going to build your site from scratch.
You can also do both. Defining the new content that must be created is a main element of the mobile marketing strategy. If you are planning to use the same content that you already have on your website, you should take into account that it will not be in the same format, so you will probably want to change the purpose of said content.
The content used for the mobile marketing strategy must be “mobile-first” and beneficial to users of mobile devices, not just the content copied from your website.
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Define the budget and time constraints
This is simple but very important. If you have not established definitive parameters for your mobile marketing strategy, you will end up in a mess, which probably represents more work when trying to fix it, than the time you took to develop the content at the beginning.
Investigate your competitors
It is advisable to research and analyze your competitors for a number of reasons. You can identify which successful strategies are being used and incorporate them into your own strategy, you could also identify what they are doing wrong and take advantage of this in your favour so that your company stands out from the rest.
Either way, if you do not investigate and understand your competitors, you’ll be fighting a faceless opponent.
Set benchmarks, goals and parameters
Definitely, you should set indicators to measure being able to measure the success of the campaign. If you do not, you will not have the slightest idea what’s going on with your mobile marketing strategy, if you’re succeeding or you should make changes.
This will also help you implement the promotion of your mobile campaign.
The steps described above are somewhat vague, this is because it will depend on what you choose to do specifically with your mobile campaign; with so many applications, mobile software and many other options, you can do virtually anything with your strategy.
Mobile marketing Strategy
The goal of all the steps above is to help identify exactly what you want to do. Some of the options are:

  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Native applications
  • SMS Contests
  • Votes
  • Surveys
  • QR codes (two-dimensional)
  • Mobile coupons
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Static pages for mobile
  • SMS Marketing

And many others…….
The most important to remember when developing a mobile marketing strategy is to create something that represents an easier, more efficient and attractive experiences for your users of mobile devices.
The mobile marketing strategy must be developed for the users, not for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]