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Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business

Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business

The first step to exceeding your sales goals is choosing the right email marketing software for your business. Check out our expert’s suggestion on how to pick the right email marketing platforms for you and your company.  There are tons of questions to ask, tons of features to research before finalizing the Right Email Marketing Platforms.

Why you need email marketing software?

Sending a single email is very simple. But when it comes to sending emails to a bulk or blast emails it could be pretty daunting. But to send effective emails, well-designed emails that drive high response rates. Choosing the right Email Marketing Platforms provides real-time feedback. Allows you to schedule your messages is a more convenient way.

To do all these activities you need email marketing software. A good email marketing platform will help you not only design beautiful and visually-pleasing emails from pre templates. Many email marketing software platforms have more advanced features that allow you to build your subscriber lists.

What are the features that you should keep in your build before the best email marketing platforms?

Let’s have a look at the following points-

Drag and drop template builder

Basically, all the Modern email marketing software provides an easy drag and drop email template builder to create beautiful emails. It allows users to save time by choosing from a variety of pre-built and ready templates. Try to choose an easy-to-use builder to shoot Email campaigns.

List growth and signup forms

Growing the Email list without segmenting is not a wise decision. Grow your audience in meaningful ways with people who are actively interested in what you are saying. Consider using an email platform with signup forms plugins for your website. Try to capture customer emails and reach more people with this segmenting list growth and signup forms. Don’t send mail to those who never interact with any of your content before.

Segmentation and personalization

Segmentation is the first step for getting the best result for Email Campaign. Segment your subscriber list into small common groupings and suggest products and services accordingly. Choose the best email platforms where you are able to segment by gender, age, and purchase behavior. If you are able to personalize your email campaigns then you will be more successful.

Able to do A/B testing

With the right email marketing platforms, you can test anything. Like subject lines, images, messaging, CTA buttons, sending times, etc. If you can see what’s working for your targeted audience you can learn from there, and nurture, to create the most successful email campaigns ever.

Does your Email marketing Platforms provide you to do the A/B testing based on following these-

  •   Subject line variation

  •   Call to action buttons

  •   Personalization

  •   Automation

Reporting and analytics

In any top email marketing platforms, the most important part is you are able to check the analytics and reports. Marketers are able to make decisions from the highly strategic and result oriented data these days. It’s all about truly understanding the click-through rate, open rates, and overall engagement trends. Look for an Email Marketing platform that provides a detailed set of dashboards that translate this information’s into meaningful insights.

BEst Email Marketing Platform for your business - ADN Email

Not all Email marketing platforms are able to provide the same features. In some cases, the features are the main point of taking the service. Some top email marketing platforms are just better at some features than each other. It’s important to understand what exactly you want from your email marketing campaign, your goals, and how to plan your Email Marketing campaign to promote the newsletter, offer promotional content.

In times of choosing the best email marketing software, you need to consider which Email Marketing platforms work better for your business. Before finalizing the best email platforms, compare email marketing platforms globally. Look for the features and capabilities you need to execute your perfect Email Marketing campaign. ADN Email offers everything companies need to get. Starting from Segmenting, List grows, A/B Testing, Flexible templates, sending the right message at right time. To grow your business with the best email marketing platforms like ADN Email.

As I mentioned before, there are many proven statistics that email marketing is not dead yet. Email Marketing is here and will stay in the future as well. Email Marketing gives you a lot of benefits you can’t get with any other form of marketing.

  • Have Unlimited Access: With Email Marketing you are able to get connected with your customers at any time of day, from any point of the world.
  • Build Relationships with a potential customer: Whether you are a freelancer, or a blogger, or a business you can humanize your email campaigns by sending personalized Email Marketing Campaign.
  • More Traffic: Having an email list means more people know about your website. Because when you email them to let them know, they will know about your offer or promotional activity.

A recent study by Buffer revealed that email marketing in second place in terms of the best marketing strategy. But, email marketing deserves to be in the first place. Curious to know Why? Simply because investing $1 in email marketing can produce a Return On Investment ( ROI) of $44. If you convert that into a percentage, that’s a 4400% ROI.

Email Marketing Platforms For Your Business


As it takes a lot of investment in finding out new email marketing software. It takes a lot of time and money so you must carefully analysis of the pros and cons of the software that you finalize for your business.

There are a lot of Email Marketing platforms which have the best email marketing tool available for small businesses to large business.  You must know what is your business purpose? Only, then you will be able to pick the best email marketing platforms for your organization. But there is such a thing as the best email marketing tool for a specific problem, you just have to find the right one. I hope that you will be able to find the right Email Marketing platforms for your business.

If you have any confusion, leave a comment below!


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