Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting? Which Hosting Service to Choose?

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If you are familiar with the hosting word. Then you definitely know what is shared hosting or Dedicated Hosting. In the web hosting business, you have to pick from servers for your own use or shared the use of hosting.

Choosing between these two is more complicated because both have unique features and than the cost. Because there are more factors to consider when making the choice between shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Let’s have a look at Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, which one to choose?

Let’s start with shared hosting and its features-

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Basically, one server is being shared by a number of users who can share the same resources. In shared Hosting, everyone shares the cost of storage, bandwidth, and another facility.
Web users can’t access each other’s accounts or websites, so this shared hosting system is safe and secure. Its cost-effectiveness and quite a popular web hosting choice. Even beginners can start using it almost immediately.

We’ll set up your server and install the necessary software. All you have to do is upload your website or another web-based system. Using the simple control panel, you can create and manage your database, email account, and other tools for doing business.

Shared hosting may an good option for you-

  • If your business size is small to medium enterprise,
  • If you have a hundred to thousand Website Visitors,
  • If you update your website content regularly,
  • If you have very limited technical knowledge.

Why Choose Shared Hosting Service?

You should definitely g for shared Hosting if you are new to the web hosting business. Shared hosting will be a great platform for learning about the hosting mechanism. Not all the Business websites get huge traffic so shared hosting will be a great option.

Shared Hosting service allows us to share the costs to the users. This hosting platform helps the new entrepreneur to start their dream with less investment and risks.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting allows you the only user on the server. All the resources are yours. This allows you all the control over the configuration and overall operating environment.

Dedicated Hosting will be applicable for you under the following circumstances:

  • If your business is growing and you have future expansion options. So, you need to have a dedicated hosting panel for yourself,
  • If your product or service requires high-quality video and high-quality images for product or service,
  • If you want an IP address and used by only you,
  • If you have an online transaction option for payment facility.

What Else Should You consider about Dedicated Hosting Service?

The very 1st thing that comes to your mind about dedicated hosting having a dedicated server all to yourself costs more than shared hosting. After all, there are more features and resources to choose from. Unless you have very good technical skills or strong tech support in your company, you’ll probably need a package that includes building and maintaining the equipment.

These additional features come at a price, but they’re worth it for clients who need complete control of the operating environment and a little extra security.

Now comes the most important part of choosing a hosting service. The costing is one of the reasons for choosing shared Hosting over a dedicated hosting is the COST. Dedicated servers cost more. And we’re not talking 2-5% more – Dedicated hosting prices are up to 5-10 times more expensive than shared hosting. However, you may find it worth the price if you have the plan to run the website exclusively for yourself.

Alternatively, you can get shared hosting for a very low price. In fact, under $10 or less will get you a month of shared hosting, which works fine for a basic website. At the same time, your cheap shared hosting account will be beginner-friendly and much easier to manage compared to the dedicated server.

Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting-The Advantages and Disadvantages

Here is some reason why you should choose shared hosting over dedicated hosting

  • Affordable and Budget-Friendly Hosting Options
  • Easy Set-Up
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited
  • You Can avoid hardware maintenance
  • Host Control Panel: cPanel
  • Cloudflare Security

Avoid shared hosting Service if-

  • If you need full, server-level control
  • If site uptime is really important (Uptime Guarantee: 99.9%)
  • Faster Service

Purchase a dedicated hosting solution if:

  • If you require full control of server resources
  • If you need root-level access to a server
  • If You’re hosting a growing app that needs to scale
  • If security is the main concern
  • Need hosting support 24/7
  • Your very own dedicated server.

Don’t think of purchasing dedicated hosting if:

  • Pretty much costlier than the shared hosting,
  • Not familiar with technical aspects and can’t manage by own,
  • If you don’t have enough IT Knowledge.

Choosing the right hosting service or solution won’t be simple. Still, we have shared some of the pros and cons of shared hosting or dedicated hosting. With the hopes of simplifying your decision-making process, we have shared some ideas.

Have you decided which Hosting Plan to choose?

If you have any queries about Hosting Service give us a call today, 01777770507, or 01777770555 to learn more about our shared and dedicated web hosting options.

We can come up with the perfect solution for your needs. We are confident in our service that you will love our service.

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