SMS Gateway and API Service – 3 Key Benefits of SMS API and Gateway Service

Today we will discuss how continuous communication can help a brand grow in its industry. Especially how can it confirm conversions eventually at the end of the day? I am going to focus on the automated SMS campaign strategies for this. And for that, we will talk about SMS gateway service and SMS API service in brief.

SMS in Bangladesh - SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Frist thing, let me give you a simple definition rather than the booking version of what an SMS gateway actually is. You see, businesses of all walk are always in need for SMS based communication with their existing and potential customers. Parallel system, always. Now this means, they need to invest a big amount labor force to maintain this SMS based communication bridge. For this, we rely on automated systems to distribute the SMS. SMS gateway is the automated system that helps us to distribute and receive SMS replies from a computer. 

SMS gateway offers a lot of benefits these days. As a result, it is getting quite popular among bulk SMS service providers. Before we start discussing how SMS gateway helps our businesses to thrive, let’s take a look at the top 3 ways key benefits of it,

Key Benefits of SMS Gateway:

  1. Prompted communication,
  2. Makes our branding and awareness campaigns easy,
  3. Reaching out to the right targeted audiences.

1. Prompt communication:

SMS gateway allows us a prompt communication system with all the customers of our businesses.

2. Makes our branding campaigns and awareness campaigns easy:

We can craft our branding campaigns and awareness campaigns by the help of SMS gateway.

3. Reaching out to the right targeting audience:

Gateway helps us to target product or service wise right audiences. Makes it easier to reach out to right buyers with his or her preferred offers and updates.

SMS in Bangladesh - SMS Gateway

So these are the basic benefits of having a good SMS gateway. Right of the bat, you will notice the change in results. Now, to list down its usages,

Usage of SMS Gateway:

  1. Helps us to inform out clients about their orders’ confirmation and status,
  2. Helps us to inform our potential buyers about discounts and offers,
  3. Helps us to stablish and maintain brand awareness in our target market,
  4. Saves a big chunk from our advertising budget,
  5. Gives a better customer experience with continuous commination option.
  6. There are usually numerous format options to pick form.
  7. Option to run push and pull campaign,
  8. You can receive senders’ SMS without using any codes
  9. And, very importantly it offers real-time reports

Types of SMS Gateways:

  1. Web2SMS:
    Web2SMS gateway allows us to send our messages from a website to the mobile phones. Web2SMS offers a big array of additional apps to make the experience better.
  2. SMS2Email:
     As the name suggests SMS2Email allows us to send SMS via emails. This one can be handy in times.
  3. SMS2Skype:
    SMS2Skype allows us to send SMS to Skype IDs. You would need to try individual gateways for this one though.

One more thing, we need to take a look at one more topic to fully understand and take advantages of a gateway. It is called API. Think of it this way, the gateway is a system that distributes the messages, and API is the interface that helps us to interact with the gateway to plan and execute our campaign plans.


Once we have picked a gateway we need an API. Full form of API is the Application Programming Interface. This API helps us both to send SMS to our target audiences and receive their replies. API is a computer-based interface. Usually, SMS API is a logical programming system that can perform and execute tasks at a very high speed. 

There are many famous API systems for SMS distribution. Usually, SMS marketing service providers tend to develop their own API for their users. PHP is very popular for gateway API. Now, shall we discuss the key benefits of using the right SMS API service for your business?

Benefits of Using SMS API Service:

  1. You can offer Transactional SMS Service,
  2. Easy to install on websites,
  3. Confirmation guarantee,
  4. Campaign Scheduling option

1. Offering Transnational SMS Service:

Transactional SMS system requires an automation system to run the procedure smoothly. It is the type of messaging system where we get the one-time password on our phone inbox. And, SMS API offers us the platform and technological support to properly run this system. 

2. Easy to install on websites:

API these days are one of the simplest and easiest system to deploy and integrate on our websites now. It could have been a nightmare of our developers if it wasn’t the case. API is just not only easy to install it is very easy to maintain as well. Adding features, customizing settings are really easy as well.

3. Confirmation guarantee:

One best thing about API is the peace of mind for both its users and as well as the service providers. Once we have a API for our SMS blast campaigns, it is almost guaranteed that messages will reach out to the right receivers. This confirmation guarantee is a big deal in our industries.

4. Campaign Scheduling option:

Another best feature of API is we can design campaigns beforehand. So we can schedule our SMS blast campaigns at the beginning of the period. And if nothing changes, API will complete the campaign without requiring any further attention from us. API can take total control once we have a SMS blast campaign set, up and running. It gives a great chance to invest more time and work force to the other sectors.

API is basically a great system that helps us to serve our users in a very reliable way and fast speed. This is actually all we expect from SMS marketing service.

So to sum up, there are numerous amount of benefits to bulk SMS marketing. Let me be straight here, every single benefit of SMS marketing are for delivering us more opportunities. Sales don’t happen by surprise. We plan for it, we work for it, and when we plan and execute our strategies in the right way only then we get returns.


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