5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Sms Marketing Bd

sms marketing bd
5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Sms Marketing Bd
1. Texting
2. Trackable
3. Interactive
4. Immediate delivery
5. Personal touch

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

Do you know how often we check our phone per day? The answer is 85 times per day on average. We open our phone to check different apps, receive calls, call others.

But how many times we open our SMS? It’s pretty good 82% that means every time we open our phone we check our text messages.

SMS Marketing for travel Agencies

Every time people open their messages to check updates. It’s very clear that we depend on our cell phone day by day. We can easily use this dependency to reach our new customers.

Mobile marketing is a new trend worldwide but it will work when your message makes it to customers inbox and of course your ad will be mobile-friendly.

Most of the online marketers laugh at the idea of SMS marketing bd cause they think email marketing is more effective.

For your large and small business, you need to promote your products or services. Why don’t you think again if you can send your product detail to your customers mobile?


1. Texting

Texting is more effective than other marketing media. Emails can’t be opened for few days, calls are not answered but when you send text message this will opened immediately.

Nowadays sending the text message is one of the best engaging marketing media and it’s highly targeted than email, phone calls, and other PPC, organic, social etc.

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh2. Trackable

You can easily track your campaigns, who opened the message, who click the links and who ignored the message. Its easy cause you can handle the total business with your mobile.

Companies like ADN SMS help you to run your campaign track your analytics also give you the targeted audiences.

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh3. Interactive

In this section, your content must be interactive as you can send another phone no for the query, you can create pulls, sending links.

Your audience can respond by taping on the reply button also they can visit your link. They can also give feedback to your text messages.

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh4. Immediate delivery

Its a very fast communication media yo just need to click on the send button. Overall, SMS marketing bd is one of the fast marketing policy which helps you to send your message to thousands of your targeted audiences by pressing the “send” button.

5. Personal touch

The beauty of the SMS marketing bd is in its personal touch. You can engage with your customers both business and personal relation. That means on your phone contact list at the same time your friends and your customers.

The opportunity of the SMS marketing bd is endless. If you can use this beauty properly your targeted audiences are never going to miss any update and offers.

By sending them text message you can be sure that your message never sits like emails and phone calls. You can send photos, coupons, Offers, drive sales, the opportunity is limitless.

Finally, You can invest your money in this new business trend SMS marketing bd. This will helps you to increase your sales into a double for sure.


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