Top 10 blogs by ADNsms to help you understand SMS marketing better


ADNsms has a number of informative and helpful blogs for understanding SMS marketing. These blogs have helped me understand the correlation between SMS and digital marketing in real life market scenario and best practices. These blogs are helpful with their easy to read, informative, premium quality like features. Among all of them, I have my favorite 10 lists.

1. SMS Marketing: The Basic

Basically, this particular article is a great head start for getting familiarized with bulk SMS. The necessary teams for bulk SMS promotion and their meanings are explained in this article by the author. Along with that, some key suggestion was made for a successful campaign execution. This article is an excellent introduction to bulk SMS promotion in terms of Bangladesh’s market.

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2. What Makes SMS Marketing Campaign More Effective?

SMS marketing campaignsOnce you have been introduced with marketing via bulk SMS, then it is important for you to understand some key factors those drives a bulk SMS campaign. Factors like “personalize your message” or “Use proper language” etc. are sensitive because they are intended for triggering human emotions. A slight unfortunate mistake can cost you your campaign. Like the previous article, the author has kept this article simplified, keynote centric and informative.

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3. Bulk SMS Marketing: What Consumers Want, And What Business Need

Bulk SMS Marketing

This article is about a comprehensive study on bulk SMS campaigns. In this article, the author has explained uses, users and profitability of bulk SMS in terms of the global and local market. As well as he has answered six major questions, that are frequently asked by customers every now and then.

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4. Generate Revenue with Bulk SMS In Bangladesh – 9 Easy Ways 

Bulk SMS in Bangladesh
Financial gain from marketing through bulk SMS and path to achieve those goals is the focus area of this particular article. Author has discussed different tactic for reaching monetary gain. This simple and easy to read the article is a great help for armature as well as professionals.
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5. Think Smartly Before Choosing Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in Bangladesh 

Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in Bangladesh

Choosing a service provider is a confusing work. There are so many factors to look out before choosing a bulk SMS provider. A great service provider can help you to reach your goal seamlessly. This article will help you to understand what makes a bulk SMS provider suitable for you. Expense, hardware, and technical requirements, tools for running a successful campaign has discussed in this article.

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6. 4 Useful Tricks for SMS Marketing in Bangladesh 

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

You can conduct a bulk SMS campaign as you like it. But there are few efficient ways to obtain your goal. Author has shade light on those topics. This topic will help you to map targeted audience in Bangladesh’s market.

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7. SMS vs Bulk SMS Services in Bangladesh 

Bulk SMS service in Bangladesh

This is an interesting article, the author has clarified the difference between SMS and bulk SMS. Often people think both of them are the same thing. Along with that a brief history of bulk SMS, useful features, the technology behind bulk SMS etc. are some focus points of this particular article.

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8. 5 Tips to Effectively Use Bulk SMS in Bangladesh 

Bulk SMS in Bangladesh

If you want a simplified strategic action idea for your next bulk SMS promotion campaign. You are in luck; this article will help you with your next campaign. Basically, this can be your step by step guide for your expenditure.

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9. Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in SMS Marketing BD 

sms marketing bd

Do you ever wondered “Why would I spend my hard-earned money on SMS?” or “How would an SMS will help me with marketing?”. This article is then especially for you. Bulk SMS promotion campaign’s diversified field and usability have explained with interesting examples.

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10. Why SMS Marketing is the Best Among all Other Marketing Media 

sms marketing services

In this digital era, consumer behavior has shifted to a new direction. To stay relevant in this time marketers, need to adopted and practice new digital mediums like text marketing campaign. There are other mediums like social media, vlogs, content marketing but SMS is the best choice. Author has explained the question “Why it is the best medium?”.

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The mass marketing approach is losing its charms these days. Personalized, customized, individualistic approaches for marketing are now effective. Your customer needs to trust you before they buy anything from you. Being interactive will give you that advantage. Text marketing will help you to gain a strategic advantage with promotion, customer satisfaction, and customer relationship management. Bulk SMS is the low-cost modern time digital marketing channel. This list of blogs will help you to understand the ins and outs of bulk SMS. Thank you and hope this list will help you.

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