5 Hacks to Take Advantage of SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

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Text messages are an extensive form to reach out to clients of all walks. One right SMS to the targeted client is the guaranteed equation for a successful campaign. SMS will be delivered to the right person without any screening. Not just that, you can reach your clients almost anytime at a comparatively lower cost. Resulting, promotional campaigns over the SMS medium is cheaper than every other usual marketing mode. An SMS marketer’s joyous moment is when their SMS is opened, read and acted upon. Well, it is not always the case. Do you know how to avail SMS Marketing in Bangladesh?

SMS marketing in Bangladesh
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5 Hacks to Rule SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

Conducting a proper market research, following the right and opt SMS etiquette are equally important. Here are how you can improve the number of messages that are read by your existing and potential clients.

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1. Avoid The Unnecessariness

Try and avoid overly graphical messages. Messages with emoji grab attention of a large number almost all the time. But refrain yourselves from overcrowding your message with a wad of emoji. SMS with more than enough emoji take too long to open. It also looks a bit spam like. Not to forget, still to this day many of our clients use java based phones. Many use java phones as the second cell phone. These phones are not capable of handling graphical content.

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2. Plot A ‘Take Away’ in Your Text

Every single message you send to your client should have something beneficial for the recipients. Otherwise, do not conduct SMS campaigns. Clients only want to see what is relative to them. Anything with a discount code, alarming news, or money-saving options are considered important in our local market. Also, a thank you message takes your brand a long way in your clients’ mind. It shows your good wills and wishes regarding their business.

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3. Laconic Style Lingers Longer

As everybody knows already the maximum character length of a message is 160. Anything more to that will get broken up into separate messages. I know it is not always likely to say everything you wish to say in mere 160 characters. But, when you manage you express your message within the limit, your audiences remember the artistry. Nevertheless, need you must say something that would exceed the limit, you can simply add a link at the end of your text for further details. Just keep in mind, small catchy messages are highly likely to make your campaign go viral.

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4. Target Right Timing

This is the very important one only a few marketers get it right. I know, our audiences have their phone within their reach round the clock. But, it doesn’t necessarily allow us to text them any time of the day. That is just etiquette. For marketing campaigns, we simply have to pick the right hour of the right day in the week. Run test and trail need you must. We must stick to our targeted audiences’ preferred time schedule.

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SMS Marketing Campaign
5. Aesthetically Sound Text Are Crowd Favorite

The more inviting you make your messages longer you will have your audiences’ attention. A well-formatted message will make it easy to form your fan base. It is one of the prime requirement to solidify a worth mouth based approach. Doing it wrong will cost massively. So, aim for stunning looking message formats with lucrative content. One advice though, get grammar, dialect, lexicon all in the proper setting.

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Let’s look at the current situation of SMS marketing in Bangladesh

There are over 128.281 million mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh right now. According to a survey conducted by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). More than half of this population resides in the urban area. As a result, SMS marketing is the quickest as well as a popular medium for promotional campaigns in Bangladesh. Conjecturing from the Mobile Eco-System Forum, SMS has the highest impact rate compared to other conventional mediums among regular commuter. There are reasons why we still prefer SMS in the days of the smartphone. SMS is an effective marketing tool in Bangladesh.

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Mobile phones based promotions are gaining recognition among the people of Bangladesh. Both enterprise and startups, well, pretty much everyone in between have started to relying on SMS marketing in Bangladesh to promote their goods and services. Various types of mobile marketing approaches are right running on now in Bangladesh. Short Message Service or SMS marketing is ruling over all of them for marketing purpose to this date.

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SMS marketing in Bangladesh is quick, reliable and effective among all walk of people in Bangladesh. Moreover, Short Message Service (SMS) has always been a go-to communication option for the young crowd. This is the crowd, who happen to have the highest SMS opening rate. Marketers are always keen to take advantage of anything as great as this. It has been estimated that an average Bangladeshi city dweller sends around 26 SMS per month.

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Campaigns are flourishing when it comes to SMS marketing in Bangladesh. SMS technology is booming as well. Resulting in the demand for bulk SMS software and services are emerging heavily in Bangladesh to satisfy the unique marketing requirements of companies. There used to be a time when Bangladesh marketers had to rely on SMS marketing service providing companies to send messages at great numbers for them. But now using easy to operate bulk SMS dashboards are offering marketers to gain complete control over their SMS marketing campaigns. Fully functional SMS dashboards have customizing options. Users of this software can pinpoint targets, pre-schedule the delivery time of messages according to their campaign goal.

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There is another significant reason for SMS to grow this massive popularity in Bangladesh. SMS marketing in Bangladesh is very easy to manage. SMS dashboards have easy to use interfaces. This helps even an inexperienced marketer to make a good campaign out of it effectively. SMS campaigns have quicker turnaround time. For this, companies can now determine the progress of their campaigns within the shortest time and change or upgrade their campaigns within time.

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Besides, metropolitan cities, bulk SMS campaign techniques also gaining recognition in the suburbs and business-oriented cities. SMS marketing is acquiring a tremendous growth in Bangladesh. And, still has a lot of untapped potentials.

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Do you want to know more about these strategies? Do you want to run SMS Marketing in Bangladesh? Comment your queries and feedback, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.

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