SMS Marketing – The New Economic and Effective Way of Marketing

SMS Marketing


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Can you tell, what is the most ancient and effective way of making sales? Any guess? Well, it is very common. Going door to door and knocking them for selling your product has been the most effective way of marketing for gazillions of years. I am sure that you still can relate the findings with your childhood years when salesmen were used to coming to your door for making sales. However, times have changed, everything is being digitalized. No way you can still opt for going door to door and bring sales. SMS marketing is the digitalized version of this ancient sales process.

SMS MarketingHow? Well, let’s consider this rationally. Nowadays, you can send mail to your targeted customers address. Would it be effective? To be frank, most of the time, people won’t open your mail. Or for email, the result is identical. How about sending a message to your customer’s mobile through their phone number? Of course, there is Facebook advertisement through which you can reach the mass audience. But, most of the people are now obsessed with their phone. Consider yourself as a customer. How many times do you open your phone each day? 50 to 60 times? As per a research conducted by British Psychologist, young adults, aged from 22-35, tend to spend at least four hours in a day, which is roughly one-third of their working hours. So, it is pretty obvious that people check their phone frequently. An SMS, describing the product or service you are offering, is a much effective way of reaching out to the most potential list of customers.

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh – the Effectiveness 

According to World Meters, there are over 166.27 Million people in Bangladesh right now. Among all of them, BTRC shows 128.281 Million are mobile phone users. At last half of that gigantic number of people are using a smartphone. If you are trying to make a grand entry to the business field in Bangladesh, you have to be enthusiastic and come up with a plan to reach that massive number of people. Facebook advertisement or email marketing would not help since half of that population doesn’t own a smartphone. In such terms, SMS marketing is the only effective way to reach out to that massive number of people. For the last couple years, SMS marketing is Bangladesh is getting popular as the sole and effective marketing process of VAS (Value Added Services) in Bangladesh.

SMS MarketingIt does not matter if you are not a fan of VAS. However, in terms of marketing cost and effectiveness, SMS marketing is a very strong contender. The economy is growing rapidly in Bangladesh. New companies are getting formed and old companies are getting bigger. They are launching new product and services every day. Besides, entrepreneurs are also becoming a part of the booming economy of Bangladesh. To all of them, SMS marketing opens a whole new window to make sales.

If you are an entrepreneur, or the head of Sales or Marketing, or a Business Development Manager, you must know how hard it is out there to make sales by knocking professionals from a different sector. You always seem to search for a better way of marketing and bringing more sales. SMS marketing, bulk SMS campaign can come as the ultimate relief in that situation.

SMS Marketing in Bangladesh – Feature & Pricing Matters

Now, while trying the best to boost your sales by conducting bulk SMS campaign, you need to assure that the SMS gateway providers have the standard and latest features that are extremely effective. For instance, let’s consider ADNsms as an SMS gateway provider and check out the features they are offering to their customers. Being a brand new product, brought by ADN Digital, offers an intelligent messaging solution. Broadly, they offer filtering system through what the customer can SMS campaign by getting rid of the wrong and duplicate numbers. Besides, the clients can get campaign report whenever they want. The client can schedule or run instant bulk SMS campaign and manage their subscribers is a group list through what reaching to the targeted customer would be extremely helpful.

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The above-mentioned features are latest in the industry and being offered by ADNsms. For any company or a business owner, those facilities can bring very fruitful outcome in the long run from a bulk SMS campaign. Whether it is your product, or a brand service, those facilities with proper SMS gateway, you can rock in your business without any hiccup.

SMS MarketingNow, let’s talk about the price. The pricing factor mostly depends on the features that you are getting from the SMS gateway provider and masking/non-masking factor. Non-masked messages are cheaper than masked SMS. Regardless of the masking and non-masking factor, SMS marketing provider with promising features tends to charge moderately higher than any other marketing method. Why would not they? Just think, you can reach out to your targeted customer depending on age and their profession at any time of the day. Besides, you can filter and make sure each of them checks your message. So, productive SMS gateway would cost higher.

But, if you are a true marketing guy and believe in potential marketing, the costing factor shall not bother you at all. Why? Because anything with quality and good feedback does not come with free of cost or less expense. I would like to recall a very popular Bangladesh TVC to support my thought. In that TVC, a character says,


জিনিষ যেইটা ভালো, দাম তার একটু বেশিই


That TVC got extremely viral and people started to believe those good things come with a higher price. That thinking perfectly goes with SMS marketing in Bangladesh as well. If you really care about making an impact through SMS Marketing, or Bulk SMS Campaign in Bangladesh, you shall opt for the providers who are offering more useful features rather than thinking about the expense.

How to Choose a Quality SMS Marketing Service Provider?

The importance of choosing the perfect SMS Marketing service provider in Bangladesh is as hard as finding the right policy for a new marketing campaign. Do not get me wrong, the success of your bulk SMS campaign most depends on that SMS gateway provider. So, you need to be very picky. Here we present some of the essential factors that you need to check to make sure about the success of your next SMS marketing campaign.

SMS MarketingThe campaign setting process has to be very straightforward and hassle-free. The SMS gateway provider needs to provide service with a desktop based application or a web-based system in which the client can put the numbers of potential customers, set target group and start SMS campaign.

You do not have to spend much time to get the campaign up and running. Always ask the service provider for a demo before making any commitment. The SMS marketing service provider has to be able to deliver your message across all protocols like WAP, 3G, 4G, and GPRS because these are the latest technologies available in many mobile handsets. It these factors are not taken care of you may lose the edge over your competition. The messages should be delivered to all mobile operators across the whole country or your targeted location. That will enhance the usefulness of the bulk SMS campaign for sure.

The service provider should be able to brand your message. Branded SMS means masked SMS. Those SMS will be delivered with the name of your product/service/company. Not many providers and operators have this feature. According to studies, a branded or masked SMS will make a significantly better impact than an anonymous message. People intend to respond more often to a message which is sent by a business rather than a ‘number’. Marketers will get better value for their money by sending a branded SMS. Though the price of masked SMS is a bit higher. But, in order put a proficient impact on customers’ mind, you must not avoid that option.

Is the service provider you are talking about capable of sending Bulk SMS? The success of a mobile marketing campaign depends a lot on the reach of the message. If you are able to reach a targeted customer group within a short time, it will help you to generate more leads and prospective customers.

How to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign in Bangladesh?

SMS marketing in Bangladesh can prove very lucrative. Yet, for it to be fruitful, you need to respect two basic principles that govern the SMS industry.

SMS Marketing

  • Market Segmentation

Mobile devices are more than 128.281 million and they’re multiplying three times faster than we are. Bearing this little piece of information in mind, every marketer needs to know that unless the audience targeted is segmented, any SMS campaign is condemned to failure. It is of paramount importance to distinguish your campaign’s texts from spam SMS. All you have to do is integrate your SMS marketing campaign with the needs of your clients and carry out different strategies for every group.

  • Personalization & timing

Sending text messages is not a privilege granted indefinitely. The customer must not feel intrusion or disturbance while receiving a text message. On the contrary, the message needs to be anticipated. The best way to make sure positive reception is to keep up a not-so-overwhelming frequency and make the client feel unique when receiving a message. For example: “Ben! Tomorrow is your lucky day! Take advantage of the discount coupon for your favorite restaurant before it expires!”. This way, the message is conveyed, your client feels special and you cut the risk of your message being labeled as spam.

Hope, the full concept is pretty clear. SMS Marketing in Bangladesh is dead, such was thought a few days back. But, it is back with a bang. Reaching to a massive number of people in Bangladesh is never cheap. On that note, SMS marketing is a very effective and unique way to market your business. If you want to get your hands on the country’s finest SMS gateway provider, ADNsms certainly can fulfill your requirements. To learn more, please visit

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