Visual Storytelling: 2 Successfully Story Building Strategies Everyone Follows

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Our market is talking about storytelling well too many times lately. If you think it’s becoming an overhyped branding word, you’d be wrong big time. The actual scenario is far to the other end of the spectrum. Long as you know what are you and who is your target audience, Storytelling is your goto branding tool. You can make things easy to understand when you serve it in a form of a story. It is the most useful tool you can use to demonstrate complex concepts to your customers, stakeholders or investors.

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Give Your Story A Signature Tone

Story beginning, building up and climax. Every story has these 3 sections. And, every good story has a good budget of time for the characters building mixing with conflicts of interest on their every journey. This simple idea emotionally engages your audiences. It will offer them a positive psychological impression. I hope you’ve heard the term, word of mouth. Your audiences are you best representatives. And that’s why you want them to be emotionally invested.

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Evolve Your Story Around Its Centre

Try and avoid unnecessary drama at the beginning. Audiences are busy and already have too many options. Easy and steady speed is best. When you analysis any crowd favourite story, they all tend to share alike skeleton. You want to hold one thing as epicentre and revolve everything else around it. And flow the visuals accordingly.

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Do you want to know more about these strategies? Comment your queries and feedbacks, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.

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