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Top 5 Female Programmers

Top 5 Female Programmers

Programming is a fascinating career option in today’s world. It has a puzzle, charm, and cash. Enabling you to do the best work to accomplish the goal. Be that as it may, it is a field commanded by guys. But there are some female programmers. We have enlisted Top 5 Female Programmers and heir contribution in the programming field.

We frequently hear the names of best developers and every one of them are guys. Be that as it may, there are numerous female developers who have made names for themselves.

Here are Top 5 Female Programmers

1. Grace Hopper

Grace Brewster Murray Hopper was an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral. She was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer. Long back then, she was a pioneer of computer programming who invented first compiler related tools.

She is the one who introduced the term “debugging” for fixing computer glitches and programming errors. She is also remembered as “Amazing Grace”. She is an honorable person whom we enlisted our article as one of the top 5 female programmers of all time.

She invented the first compiler for a computer programming language and the one of those who popularized the idea of machine-independent programming languages. Her ideas influenced the development of COBOL, one of the first high-level programming languages.

2. Ada Lovelace

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer the Analytical Engine. Suffice to say based on her notes the algorithm she invented would have been accurately processed on the first general machine computer.

She is thus considered the world’s first computer programmer. She is in 2nd position in our article as top 5 female programmers of all times.

3. Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond is a Canadian video game producer and executive, and the founder of Ubisoft Toronto and Motive Studios. Raymond was one of few video game executives named in the Variety magazine 2018 list of 500 most influential business leaders.

She was six when she got her first PC and used it to play video games that came on 5.25″ floppy disks. At the age of 8, she discovered the Internet for the first time and that changed everything.

In October 2018 Jade received the “Pioneer Award” from the Fun and Serious Games Festival, recognizing her “contributions to the industry as a producer of games that are considered a turning point in the industry”.

Top 5 Female Programmers

4.Corrinne Yu

Yu attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to study electrical engineering before beginning her career as a professional programmer. Yu is married to Kenneth Scott, Senior Art Director. Together they have a wonderful daughter.

In 2009, Corrinne Yu won Best in Engineering internationally at GDC (Game Developers Conference) WiG nominated and judged by a panel of her industry peers for the last 2 years in a row, for her work in programming.

5. Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou is a software engineer and advocates for diversity in her field. She worked at Pinterest, Quora and an internship at Rocket Fuel, Google, Facebook. She is the co-founder of the advocacy group project included 7 other women from the industry.

Even though she was studying computer science and enjoyed programming, Chou did not seriously consider programming as a full-time job. Even after an internship as a programmer at Facebook.

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WOMEN ARE CONSIDERED better coders than men, but only when they hide their gender-

Many studies found that there are significant gender biases when there is coding. Many, female coder are disguising them self as a male coder to get more projects. When women disguise as a male coder their request for getting new projects from 61.3 percent to 78.6 percent get increased.

BBC did better by writing up the study in a more neutral and buttoned-up fashion. But it still wasn’t nuanced enough. It wrote: “computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men – but only if their gender is not identifiable.”

Weather women disguise themself or not, we salute each for their contribution to every sector.

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