How to utilize SMS marketing services in Best ways

[:en]SMS marketing services are one of the best choices for digital marketing. Especially in Bangladesh bulk SMS is an excellent idea. Currently, Bangladesh has 147 million mobile phone users.
SMS marketing services
Just imagine the potential market. But unlike traditional marketing approach like television adds or print adds, SMS has a competitive advantage of the focused exposure. SMS can specifically shade light to an individual person, eventually helps customers to make data-driven purchase decisions.
Since smartphone text messaging has become an inseparable activity. For that opening rate of a text message is significantly high. Another advantage of text message marketing is the minimum technical and technological resource requirement.
When it comes to SMS marketing campaign you have to make moves smartly. SMS promotion does not require complex skills. In this article, we will take a look at some points of influence on SMS campaign.

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11 tips for effective utilize SMS marketing services
Specific and brief:

SMS has a 160-character limit. You have to organize your writing within this limit. SO, be specific with your text. An abstract message will fail to serve its purpose. To the point and simple message will save your customer hassle and time both.


Select an appropriate time for texting your customers. Don’t schedule for midnight or at dawn. First, learn your product and customer care services. Then according to those send SMS marketing. Imagine you are super shop owner and you are sending your customer SMS about 10% sales off at 1 am. It will not increase your sales but it will annoy.

Be ahead of your timing:

You are supposed to notify your customers about events or an appointment or a program. Do not send an SMS an hour early or two. Send them at least 6 hours prior. It will give them chance to make necessary preparation.

Greetings and wishes:

Make sure to sand a customized SMS with specific individual’s name at their big days like birthday, anniversary etc.
Why SMS marketing is the best

A/B test SMS Marketing Campaigns:

Don’t be afraid to test your contents and audience with A/B testing. It will provide an insight perspective and a new viewpoint.

Diversify your SMS:

Put a link of your website at the end of your SMS. It will direct your audiences to your website. Eventually, it will increase customer satisfaction.

Customized sender Id:

Be creative with your sender Id. Don’t just send an SMS with a boring numeric sender Id. People will forget numeric sender Id. But a funny, interesting, rememberable name as sender Id, it will scratch people’s memory.

Target right audience:

Create multiple audience group contact list. Arrange them according to their choices, preferences and other demographic features. By this, you will be able to maintain the relevancy of your product or services to your customer.
Enrich your contact database: Fill up your database as much possible with relevant contacts.

Report analysis:

Take a deep look at your SMS campaign. Analyze your outcome. It will help you to understand your customer behaviour clearly.

Be consistent:

Maintain continuity with your bulk SMS campaign.

In conclusion

SMS is a great medium for creating sustainable customer relationships. In Bangladesh’s market relations with our customer matter. People only purchase from you when they can trust you and your brand. SMS is the best path to reach that goal. With bulk SMS marketing services you can afford to make experiments with your campaigns. Overall this cost-efficient, high audience exposer medium is an excellent choice for starting digital marketing. It will give you a healthy ROI. Thank you.
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