The features of Web Hosting Service you need to know

Before we start talking about the features of a web hosting service we need to know about web hosting. Web hosting is a service which provides web spaces to manage websites. If you want to create a website you need hosting space. Using the webspace you can easily manage the contents of your website.
The web hosting service is categories depending on the users like shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers.

So, you planning to create a website, starting a blog or e-commerce you need to know those features and how they work. Making a good decision to choose a web hosting service can be really hard. Today, there are a lot of web hosting service companies offer the same service but you can easily decide one if you know the features very well.

Common Web Hosting Features

Common Web Hosting Features

Disk Storage:

This is the common feature of a web hosting and can be found under many names like ‘disk space’, ‘storage size’, ‘data space’, ‘storage space’, ‘storage room’ etc. That indicates the mechanical storage where the website data content is stored.

In the hosting process, the spaces provided to the website as per the required for the site. The disk storage availed for the website or the web business. For example, a personal blog website requires only 500MB-50GB.


Bandwidth means the data transfer speed in your network connection. It defined as Bps (Bits per second), Gbps(gigabits per second).

If you have lesser bandwidth your website might be hampered. It is calculated the data transferred from your website through a network. If you have lesser bandwidth your website might be unavailable for the audiences.

Email Accounts:

It’s an essential feature of a web hosting service companies. Email address is very important for all kind of business or personal communication. People use email hosting like yahoo, Gmail, outlook but they are not professional. Its very important have your own hosted email address for your business communication like

It is possible when your web hosting has the email hosting panel. Those email accounts are handled through cPanel. You can create the email accounts as your requirements also you can name them as you wish like,

cPanel accounts:

cPanel is the main area of a web hosting account. In the web hosting the cPanel account created to manage the domain, database, security, and emails. It’s a control panel with multiple tools like files, domain, database, security, and software. To manage all the stuff cPanel account created by the web hosting companies and give the credentials to the customers to manage.

FTP accounts:

From your web hosting service providers the FTP account is created to transfer files through FileZilla and other third-party software. FTP option enabled by the web hosting service providers in your hosting account which is also your website backup solution for your files. This is used for uploading and managing the files on the website.

Mysql Database:

You can manage and edit your web contents by creating a MySQL database. This option will find the cPanel. You can create as many databases as you want to manage your website content. This modern technology is very popular because of its flexibility easy use.

Website or domain:

The number of domains you can host on your web hosting. The web hosting service providers serve the website from 1 to unlimited domains as per requirements. If you are planning to create multiple websites you can go for a shared hosting plan.

Addon domain:

You can create multiple domains is a same web hosting account. In this section, you can create email addresses, email forwards, autoresponders, under your addon domains. The addon domain helps the customers who want to handle multiple domains.


The subdomain is a part of your main domain like It is like a separate website where you can design separately also you can redirect your main site with this subdomain. We can add as many subdomains as we want.

Account Transfer:

It is nothing but just transferring your web hosting account to another web hosting service providers. When you do this all of your essential data will be transferred to another hosting and it’s very important. You can normally do this by using your FTP account but you need this option on your hosting.

Network Redundancy:

It is very important and it’s ensuring the network availability when a network device unavailable.

SSH access:

This is the root access provided through cPanel to access your hosting account from the remote system by using a private key. You can create the backup by using SSH.

SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate is the medium to communicate between the browser and the server. That helps to avoid unwanted traffics to your website. This service is paid and depends upon requirements.

Softaculous Apps Installer:

Using this feature in cPanel user can easily install applications. It’s an auto script installer which can install PHP, javascript, CMS like WordPress. This also helps you to create backups and restore anytime you want.