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How Offshore Website Development In Bangladesh Can Change the Business-

Bangladesh is the land of opportunity. It may be a small country only of 147,570 square kilometers but the business opportunity here is endless. The country is rapidly growing and holds a strong position in a few major industries. Bangladesh has a strong economy and is expected to grow at 7% yearly through 2020. Exports of textiles and garments are the principal source of foreign exchange earnings of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is dominating this industry with pride for a long now.

Digital Bangladesh

There is another industry where Bangladesh is growing at a massive pace, which is the Information Technology Industry. In 2008 Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the Digital Bangladesh vision 2021, with this Bangladesh took another turn in the IT industry as government is giving support to IT companies, access to finance is made easy and in a snap, companies are booming like anything. Not only in Bangladesh, but Bangladesh’s companies are also dominating the offshore IT market as well. We export software, web development, and skilled human resource as well and our reputation in foreign countries are quite good. 

We are among the top in the Freelance market and our resources are quite skillful and reputed. In present-day Bangladesh has over 1200 IT companies with 100K IT professionals. Over time Bangladesh’s all the infrastructures like the Internet (1,700 Gbps backbone via SEA-ME-WE 5 fiber optic cable), Data Centers (4) and Power have improved drastically.

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Bangladesh GDP Growth

The Winning Sutra

You might be wondering what are the main factors behind it right? In an overpopulated country like Bangladesh? Well government involvement is one of the main reasons but the overpopulation kind of helped Bangladesh to reach where it is now, here is how – Our almost 40% plus population is aged from 18 to 34. what does it mean? It means we are a youth-oriented country now, a country that is full of young energy. The supply of young and qualified are more than sufficient.

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Offshore Web Development in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been doing foreign company’s web development for a long time now. There are 50+ specialized companies in Bangladesh that have been working for foreign companies for years now. There are many reasons that triggered this. I have already discussed regarding Bangladesh’s people, economy, and the aid that the government has been providing for the IT sector. But specifically, there are more factor –


As almost 65% of Bangladesh’s population are under 25 years of age this is why the government is enforcing youth and the youth is also very keen about the technology sector. We have almost 30 Public and 60+ private universities in Bangladesh and in these universities after BBA, CSE is the top subject, more than 10,000 students graduate in CSE every year in Bangladesh. So, you see that we have enough resources and talent. I forgot to mention that foreign companies think the coding of Bangladesh is solid as we work hard and take every problem seriously to solve it.

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Offshore Website Development Price:

Well, the hourly rates of Bangladesh on web development are very competitive than in other countries. The rates are between $5-40 per hour.

In other countries web development rates are very high that is why Bangladesh is a hot destination for offshore web development.

US web Development costs Europe web Development costs
§  Simple website – $2000 to $4000

§  Medium website – $5000 to $35000

§  Large custom website – $20,000 to $100K

§  Simple website – $1000 to $3500

§  Medium website – $3500 to $20,000

§  Large custom website – $18,000 to $100K

Why offshore web development in Bangladesh will grow with time? - ADN Digital
Why offshore web development in Bangladesh will grow with time? – ADN Digital


English is considered the second language in Bangladesh. From School, all of Bangladesh’s students learn English. So talking in English is not a problem for us. Because of that, we can understand our client and we can also make our client understand everything.

If you are one of these companies here is what you need to consider if you are outsourcing your web development in Bangladesh.


Suppose you just got a new project and you need a JQuery coder, it might be costly or time-consuming to find such a coder. Well, you can simply outsource it. And if you outsource it to a country like Bangladesh you will get an experienced coder who can work for you instantly and you don’t also have spent time and money on training.


Outsourcing doesn’t always mean cheap pricing but it often leads to time and cost-saving. If you are a European company doing offshore web development in Bangladesh you’ll know that outsourcing the project will bring you success in terms of coding, timing, or resources. Also, do not forget that our resource costing is less than European resources.


Well, all you need is to talk with your business analyst and plan your work, there is no need to waste time on tanning and development as your team in Bangladesh is ready to roll in anytime.

For your offshore web development partner outsourcing your work to a country like Bangladesh might be beneficial in many ways. As I said, it will save your time, money, and resources.

We are best at Offshore Website Development in Bangladesh.

ADN Digital, an SBU of ADN Telecom is a Bangladesh based web, Mobile App & Application development company.

What we can do as an Offshore Website Development partner:

  1. Website development
  2. Software development
  3. Mobile app development in both iOS and Android
  4. UI design
  5. UX design
  6. Quality assurance (QA)
  7. Hosting management

Why partner with us for Offshore Website Development Service:

  1. ADN is a reputed Group of Companies in Bangladesh serving for several decades
  2. We have a dedicated team for development, design, UX, project management, etc.
  3. We have satisfied customers in different industries
  4. We are committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  5. We strictly follow the deadlines
  6. We are always a phone call away
  7. We follow global standards of security, design, etc.

 You can contact us anytime by emailing us at or call us at +88017777706506 to discuss your project.

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