What is SMS marketing


What is SMS marketing?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In today’s business world it is tough to survive. All kind of business, new or old use different types of marketing methods to promote their products to their targeted customers and consumers. This is the way to sell your products effectively. Business owners are using a different kind of marketing strategies like digital advertising, digital marketing, brochures, and SMS advertising.
SMS marketing in Bangladesh
People are using their phone every second so the trend of SMS marketing getting popular day by day. Sending promotional messages to the customers mobile is the best way to market your product. With the help of SMS advertising, you can promote bulk messages to mass customers with a single click. This not only saves your time but also the cheapest way to promote your business.
SMS marketing is nothing but a process to send text messages to the targeted customers to promote a business or the products of a company. The messages can be about updates, upcoming product promotions, coupon codes, offers, and alerts. If you really understand what is SMS marketing you understand that this is one of the effective marketing media to get in touch with your customers. SMS marketing has some rules and regulations. Sending promotional messages to customers without permission is an offense. You need to take permission from customers to send messages. There must have an unsubscribe option from the service if your customers want.
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How does SMS work?

Now you know the SMS marketing definition lets talk how does SMS work. SMS marketing works with shortcode numbers instead fo regular phone numbers. The codes are including five to six digits and linked to one or several numbers. It’s not important to include your company name in that. Most countries use shortcodes to promote SMS marketing for business. This is the best strategy to send a single code for any sender.
There are two types of messages you can send through SMS. They are:
Campaign messages: This type is used for bulk messaging. Usually, campaign messages used to send a coupon, code, deals, alerts, event details, and other information you want to send as bulk. The main target of this campaign to send messages to a mass population to make them aware of something you want to promote.
Transactional messages: This type is used for the person to person, it’s also called one to one messaging. Transactional messages are used to send to the selected population, not the mass. For example, eCommerce businesses need to send their customers to confirm a purchase, shipment updates and more like this. The idea is to send relevant information to the selected people.

Why SMS marketing?

Why SMS marketing

Marketing is very important to promote a product. There is some reason why you need to use SMS marketing for your business.

  1. Related to Email: SMS marketing and Email marketing are closely related. They both are working in the same manner but emails are lengthy than SMS. Text messaging is delivered instantly, more readable, and time-consuming.
  2. Presence of smartphones: Smartphones are becoming more popular day by day. Everyone owns one sometimes more than one phone. People spend most of their times on their phones, so reading SMS is very easy and targeted. If you send text messages with a promotional link the possibility to check the offer link increases.
  3. Engagement rate with customers: SMS marketing is an excellent way to engage the customer with your product. Interested customers can easily reach out and take the decision to buy whatever they want.

Finally, the range of SMS marketing growing day by day. Most of the companies find it very comfortable and fastest way to promote their business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]