Your Email Marketing is not working & how to solve it

Email marketing is a tool that helps your business stay in touch with your customers, keep them informed, force them to visit your website, go to the offline store, and take part in an event that you organize.

Email Marketing is not working & how to solve it-

At one time, in an Internet-connected era, email seemed the best way to reach customers. Over time, however, customers have become accustomed to filtering to find those that are interesting through dozens of email messages. Marketers face major challenges in reaching customers when combined with spam filters and Gmail’s Promotions folder.

Your email is not working - ADN Digital

From our experience, email subscribers are considered fairly loyal. They are closer to buying than participants in social media and tend to discuss their views on products and services. Therefore, it is usually worth your investment to launch an effective, well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

You are likely to rely heavily on email marketing as a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) to nurture leads. There are many factors that lead to the creation of a successful email marketing campaign from your subject line to your target audience. Now we’re going sharing our experience with you -what’s going on and what’s not.

Your emails are not personalized

Successful marketers today use segmentation and re-targeting to collect customer information to personalize email messages. For example, one of your customers who has bought a specific product in the past may be interested in a similar product that you are launching this month. To accomplish this, you will need a tech tool to help you measure results and deliver email results.

Your subject line does not catch the eye of your reader

Customers often scroll through their inboxes to find items of interest with so many email messages coming in each day. This is particularly true now that, your customers are more likely to read your email on a smartphone or tablet, than a PC. Custom subject lines can be a great help, but simply inserting the first name of a customer will not be enough. You will need to be aware of what your subject line says, whether by using humor and fun or by including something that meets the demands of a customer.

Your email is excessively textual

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text (Source: Zabisco). Remember, people are visual!

For example, a purely text-based promotional email we sent resulted in an open rate of 16% while a highly visual Chinese New Year (CNY)-themed email reached an open rate of 48%!

You may have all the pictures and no text in Email

Not all of your readers in their emails can load images. They may not have the ‘load image’ feature for saving bandwidth. Do not ignore the alt-text feature keeping this in mind. If your reader is unable to load images, he can at least read what the image attempts to convey in text. Services such as ADN Email make it easy to add alt-text to images instantly.

Your Campaigns are not tracked properly

You’re missing a great opportunity if you don’t pay attention to your campaigns. Monitor email opens with each new campaign, click-through rates and conversions. Does an email send receive better results at one time of the day than one sent later or earlier? Does one subject line impact more than another? Use your campaigns to test A / B to get the information you need to be more successful with your next attempt.

Wrapping up in Summary

If your email ROI is low, it is probably because none received your email.

Out of any other marketing technique, email marketing has the highest potential ROI. So you should focus on setting up your strategies for email marketing ASAP.

You should organically build your email list. Be sure to use only double opt-in forms instead of single ones.

If your emails go into or bounce a spam folder, they will never see the daylight. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix the problem for you.

Never add too many pictures to your emails. Email service providers may mark you as a spammer.

Do not forget to use an email marketing tool of your choice to track your emails so that you can view reports on your campaigns and fix any errors that reduce delivery rates.

Authenticate your emails so that they end up with a company name and use a reply-to-address to avoid turning off customers (or making your email service provider think you’re sending junk mail).

For your email marketing, ADN Email can help you from database preparation to database segmentation and email automation. Just send an email to or call 01777-770507 and we will be at your door to help you.

Which problem you are currently facing in your business? Let us know in the comment section below. If you want to add any point, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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